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Ongoing BOXING Sales!

January 2nd – 7th Wall Books are 20% off

Our more expensive back-issues, kept at the back counter, were excluded from the first phase of our holiday sale to make things less hectic at checkout. Sales on back-issues have been very strong this past year, but keeping with tradition, we’re still having a sale. This includes CGC graded comics, so come-on down.

PLEASE BRING BAGS and WEAR A MASK – a real one, not your scarf.
January 8th – 14th  Basement Graphic Novels & Recent back issues 50% off

We’ll have tables full of boxes of recent back issues at 50% on the main floor at the same time as we are discount the graphic novels in our basement by 50% This includes our overstock sections for French BD, All of our Genre sections (crime, fantasy, SF, Valiant, superhero misc, and more)  This sale is in-store only and does not have an on-line component.

I’ll say it again  PLEASE BRING BAGS and WEAR A MASK.

Loud on Planet X with a super limited postcard by Jesse Jacobs or Michael DeForge

Drop by the store to get a very-rare-available-nowhere-else postcard with exclusive art by Michael DeForge or Jesse Jacobs that ALSO holds a download code for the new indie rhythm shooter game Loud on Planet X!


Check out for details about the game.

We have postcards with codes for Android, iOS, Steam, and PlayStation4 and the first few customers also get a poster with the art from one of the postcards!

Card with mobile download $5.49
Card with PC or PlayStation download $7.99

(These are the same prices for the game download alone but this way you also get some cool rare artwork)

Canada Day Hours!

This year Canada Day falls on a Wednesday… Wednesday July 1st to be exact! Because Canada Day isn’t celebrated south of the border, comics will still be released on July 1st as per usual, and so, we’ll be open regular hours 11am to 9pm.



PPlogo2Also: Little Island Comics will be closed on Canada Day, and Page & Panel: The TCAF Shop will be open from 12pm-6pm. If you haven’t been by yet, it’s a great opportunity to check out the shop…!


Everything’s here! Many new comics delayed today.

Update: Everything’s here safe and sound!

Several boxes were missing from our new comics shipment this week. If there is a specific new book you are hoping to pick today please call ahead and we can let you know if it arrived. We expect the delayed boxes to arrive later this afternoon or, at worst, tomorrow.

Al Parker: Illustrator ★ Innovator

AlParker_IllustratorInnovatorWe’ve just received a few copies of a new book collecting the art of exceptional and influential mid-twentieth century American illustrator Al Parker. Despite critical acclaim, Parker’s work has not been widely and consistently available.

Al Parker: Illustrator Innovator has over 500 beautiful – mostly full colour – illustrations in 208 24x31cm pages.

The artwork spans Parker’s career through advertising, magazine covers, and prose story illustration along with reproductions of his reference photos, essays, and an interview with Parker from 1964.