After a successful Kickstarter and only mild delays in the grand scheme of pandemics, we are thrilled to announce that the first title from BDP Press, MAGICIAN A by Natsuko Ishitsuyo, is now officially for sale!

With art heavily influenced by Ishitsuyo’s time studying art in the Czech Republic, the six stories collected in Magician A focus on young women discovering and playing with their own sexuality. The feelings in these stories are universal, but Ishitsuyo’s approach is not for the squeamish.

The translation was spearheaded and executed by Eisner Award winning translator Jocelyne Allen– you might be familiar with her translations of Juniji Ito (Fragments of HorrorSmashedShiverFrankenstein), Kabi Nagata (My Lesbian Experience with LonelinessMy Solo Exchange Diary), Riyoko Ikeda (Claudine!Rose of Versailles), Yuhki Kamatani (Our Dreams at Dusk), Fumi Yoshinaga (What Did You Eat Yesterday?) and Asumiko Nakamura (ClassmatesMaiden Railways) to name just a few!
On top of that, The Beguiling’s own Penny Clark served as editor on the book!

If you lice in Canada, you can buy a copy for yourself RIGHT HERE ON OUR NEW WEBSTORE!

International customers (including USA): please email us at with your full mailing address and we will send you a paypal invoice!

Now that the book’s here, why not go check out how it all started by reading Jocelyne’s story of discovering Magician A on her brainvsbook blog!


Publisher Peter Birkemoe is the owner and operator of the world-famous Beguiling comic store in Toronto, Canada, and co-founder of the Toronto Comic Arts Festival. After years of supporting comic artists behind the scenes through his work as a bookseller, he’s made the decision that it’s time to again dip his toes into the world of publishing, with a focus on books both in English and in translation that aren’t finding a publisher elsewhere, in part because they are a little bit dirty. Dirty books need a home, too!