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Ongoing BOXING Sales!

January 2nd – 7th Wall Books are 20% off

Our more expensive back-issues, kept at the back counter, were excluded from the first phase of our holiday sale to make things less hectic at checkout. Sales on back-issues have been very strong this past year, but keeping with tradition, we’re still having a sale. This includes CGC graded comics, so come-on down.

PLEASE BRING BAGS and WEAR A MASK – a real one, not your scarf.
January 8th – 14th  Basement Graphic Novels & Recent back issues 50% off

We’ll have tables full of boxes of recent back issues at 50% on the main floor at the same time as we are discount the graphic novels in our basement by 50% This includes our overstock sections for French BD, All of our Genre sections (crime, fantasy, SF, Valiant, superhero misc, and more)  This sale is in-store only and does not have an on-line component.

I’ll say it again  PLEASE BRING BAGS and WEAR A MASK.


Look, you shouldn’t leave your house. We all know this. But we also know you all miss shopping at the store! (Look, give this to us ok?) How, you may ask, could I possibly make my house look like I’m in The Beguiling, ie overflowing with comics, when I can’t go down to The Beguiling and shop?

Well, my friends, we have a surprise for you.


Browse our inventory! Look at some staff picks! See some curated-by-staff lists of books! And BUY COMICS!

The store is live NOW and we encourage one and all to visit!!

FOR SINGLE ISSUE REQUESTS please note this inventory isn’t on the website! Feel free to email us for any single issues you’re looking for, new or old!

Thanks one and all for your passion and support during these difficult times and we hope this makes it a little bit easier for you to browse, shop and BUY BUY BUY from the BEGUILING!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call us or fire an email to BEGUILINGORDERS@GMAIL.COM!