Ongoing BOXING Sales!

January 2nd – 7th Wall Books are 20% off

Our more expensive back-issues, kept at the back counter, were excluded from the first phase of our holiday sale to make things less hectic at checkout. Sales on back-issues have been very strong this past year, but keeping with tradition, we’re still having a sale. This includes CGC graded comics, so come-on down.

PLEASE BRING BAGS and WEAR A MASK – a real one, not your scarf.
January 8th – 14th  Basement Graphic Novels & Recent back issues 50% off

We’ll have tables full of boxes of recent back issues at 50% on the main floor at the same time as we are discount the graphic novels in our basement by 50% This includes our overstock sections for French BD, All of our Genre sections (crime, fantasy, SF, Valiant, superhero misc, and more)  This sale is in-store only and does not have an on-line component.

I’ll say it again  PLEASE BRING BAGS and WEAR A MASK.