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Pop Culture Graphic Novel Super Sale Continues With More Great Specials

We’ve restocked the shelves including new books that didn’t fit at the beginning of the sale and added even more books to the $3 and $5 specials!

The entirety of our adaptions and tie-ins shelves is on sale. Books related to Novels, Films, Television, and Video Games plus a bunch of other books from publishers like IDW, Boom, and Dynamite are all on sale! Most books are %70 off cover price!

%70 off:
Everything on the ‘adaptions’ shelves with the following exceptions and specials:

50% OFF:
GI Joe, Red Sonja, Star Trek, & Transformers

30% OFF:
Robert E Howard (Conan, Kull, Etc), Star Wars, Irredeemable, Incorruptible, & Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

$3 Specials:

• Star Trek – Best of Peter David
• Army of Darkness – Ash Saves Obama
• CSI – Demon House & Intern at Your Own Risk
• Charlaine Harris’ Grave Sight Volume 1 ($2!)
• Call of Duty – Modern Warfare Ghost
• Fringe – Tales of the Fringe
• John Woo’s 7 Brothers
• Kane & Lynch (Ben Templesmith)
• Dante’s Inferno (Visceral Games & EA)
• Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson Moon Called & Homecoming
• Laura K Hamilton’s Anita Blake Vampire Hunter – Circus of the Damned
• Planetary Brigade (Giffen & DeMatteis)
• The Prisoner – Shattered Visage
• Buck Rogers – Future Shock
• Irredeemable – Volume 2

$5 Specials:

• ALL Warcraft Hard Covers
• ALL Farscape Hard Covers

• Star Trek – Nero
• Star Craft – Volume 1
• The Unknown (Mark Waid)
• Die Hard – Year One Hard Cover
• The Anchor – Five Furies
• Hexed – Hard Cover
• Halo – Helljumper & Halo Bloodlines
• GI Joe – Operation Hiss & Rise of Cobra Prequel
• Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep – Hard Cover Volumes 1 & 2
• Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet – Volumes 1, 2, Parallel Lives, & Year One
• Dean Koonz’s Frankenstein – Hard Cover
• Terminator 2029-1984 (Zack Whedon)
• 7 Psychopaths (Sean Philips)

Variant Sale! 50% – 80% OFF

IMG_20130315_202305We’re having a Variant sale. 7 long boxes (over 1700 comics) of variant cover single issues are all on sale!

Starting Saturday March 16th

The more you buy the more you save.

Buy 1 get 1 free.

BUY 10 – 19:
%60 off

BUY 20 – 39:
%70 off

BUY 40 plus:
%80 OFF!

Beguiling Boxing Day Sale Phase 03: Marvel, DC, and More for a Buck!

Alright! The slightly-delayed conclusion to our Boxing Day sale begins Monday. Here’s the deal!

  1. Selected boxes of comics will be put on a special sale for one week at a time.
  2. These books will be discounted at 50% off of cover price to start with.
  3. On the first day of the sale (Monday), if you purchase 20 or more different issues from the sale box, all of the issues you buy become $1 each!
  4. Each day that the sale continues, the number of issues needed to get to the $1 level decreases. Tuesday & Wednesday: Buy 15 or more different issues and they’re a dollar each. Thursday and Friday, buy 10. Saturday and Sunday, buy 5.
  5. The whole thing starts over again on Monday with all new titles and publishers.

WEEK ONE: January 28th to February 3rd – MARVEL
WEEK TWO: February 4th to February 10th – IMAGE, DARK HORSE, MISC
WEEK THREE: February 11th to February 17th – DC

* Just to clarify, you need to purchase 20 different issues on that first day, and 20 copies of Dweezleman #1 doesn’t count. 1 copy each of Dweezleman #1 to 20 would count, and then you can buy as many of the number 1st as you want to at that point. If this is unclear we’ll explain it again in store.