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Choose Your Own Book Launch Photos!

bookrelease sml-4080

Thanks to everyone who came out to Choose Your Own Book Launch! To Be or Not to Be Vs This is How You Die! I think it’s safe to say that may have been the best book launch  we’ve ever held, or at least top five.

The amazing Paul Hillier took a ton of photos that we’ve posted on the Beguiling Events Group on Facebook — so you should totally check those out and then join the Beguiling Events Group!

Special thanks to our authors Ryan North and David Malki !, and artists Gillian Georz, Dara Gold, Chris Jones, John Martz, Kean Soo, Jim Zubkavich, and Matt Yantha.

Additional thanks to the Classical Theatre Project, Malabar, and our wonderful venues, Butler’s Pantry and Southern Accent.

And stay tuned for more event announcements — we’ve got some really exciting things planned for the Fall.

NEW IN STOCK: Tagame Tees from MASSIVE!


In stock from TCAF — Genorogh Tagame t-shirts!

Like many things at the Beguiling, they ride that fine line between classy and dirty and we wouldn’t have it any other way. This image can be found on the inside cover of The Passion of Gengorogh Tagame, which is also still in stock.  And if you can’t get enough of it, this and five other illustrations can be found in the set of limted edition giclée prints we did of his work for the LEGENDS art show — there’s only a few of those left so act quickly if you ensare one of those. There’s also a TCAF exclusive, limited edition risograph print availiable at the store for $10.00 plus tax. Basically, it’s time to stock up for all your Bara needs at the Beguiling.

For perhaps obvious reasons, these shirts are only availiable in L, XL, and XXL. You’ll find them on the second floor for $20.00 plus tax.

Big Little Books in Stock!

little-big-booksAmazing format! Amazing Adventures! Amazing Nostalgia!

We just got in the biggest little collection of assorted Big Little Books — and it couldn’t be more quaint.

Dick Tracy, Green Hornet, The Lone Ranger, Red Rider, Charlie Chan, Little Orphan Annie, Tarzan, and so much more!

Each Little Big Book is individually priced, but the median is around $10.  You can find the complete collection on the main floor.

TONIGHT: Keep Toronto Reading: Graphically Speaking – Dirty Comics

Tuesday April 16, 2013
North York Central Library Auditorium, 5120 Yonge Street
7:00 PM • FREE

Once again, the Toronto Comic Arts Festival is proud to partner with the Toronto Public Library on Keep Toronto Reading to present lively and informative graphic novel programming.

This year’s program will feature Charles Brownstein, head of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, to discusses censorship in comics. His presentation will be Followed by a Q&A moderated by Christopher Butcher; manager, The Beguiling, and festival director of the Toronto Comic Arts Festival.

Charles Brownstein has served as the executive director of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund since 2002.  During his years at the helm of the organization, the CBLDF has successfully managed several First Amendment cases, including a notable win in Georgia v. Gordon Lee. Brownstein has also written extensively about comics for more than fifteen years for a variety of publications including The Comics Journal, Publisher’s Weekly, and Wizard. His books Eisner/Miller and The Oddly Compelling Art of Denis Kitchen are award-winning and award-nominated, respectively. Brownstein also serves on the Board of Directors of the Media Coalition and the Stumptown Comics Foundation, and on the Steering Committee of SPX, the Small Press Expo.

NEW IN STOCK: Punk / Post Punk Goodness!

Cometbus55Three really unique items arrived at the store today. First up a pair of items from Aaron Cometbus — Cometbus #55 and Radon, from the 45 RPM series.

Cometbus #55, the newest issue in the long-running punk zine, features nearly 70 pages of writing from Cometbus on a variety of topics  This issue of Cometbus also features a wonderful cover by Jordon Crane.

Radon, features two essays about influential punk band of the same name (Travis Fristoe writes the second essay). They go great as a pair, since they were written around the same time and feature similarities that play off each other well. If you have a passing interest in the California punk scene there are complete no-brainers at $3 and $4, respectively.

And last but not least, we have Psycho Shit Fuck by Jose G. Angeles. No, you didn’t misread that. If you have a dark sense of humour, Psycho Shit Fuck might be the book you’ve been waiting for your whole life. It collects three of Angeles other books and includes a ton of extra or previously-unseen material. It’s 250 pages soaked in every bodily fluid scientists have been able to catalouge, and maybe a few they haven’t or will never discover. It’s availialbe on either floor for $20.

Jack Kirby’s Concept Art for Lord of Light/Science Fiction Land – Warehouse Find!

KirbyConceptCoverHere’s a neat treat for Kirby fans! We’ve recently uncovered a charming, 80s-binding art book we did ages ago featuring rarely seen Jack Kirby art.

In 1979 Kirby, was approached to create concept artwork for the adaptation of the 1967 novel Lord of Light by Roger Zelazny. The massive sets required to make the film would then be turned into a theme park in  Aurora, Colorado.

While Lord of Light was never made into a movie, you can learn more about the fate of this film in Ben Affleck’s Argo.

Lord of Light and the Permanent Structures of Science Fiction Land is available on the second floor for $15.

Geneviève Castrée launches SUSCEPTIBLE

GENEVIEVE.tour_TorontoSUSCEPTIBLE Book Launch & Talk
with author Geneviève Castrée
Monday, February 18th, 2013
7:00pm @ The Beguiling, 601 Markham Street
Free to attend

susceptible-finalcoverThe Beguiling is proud to present Susceptible, the important new graphic novel from Geneviève Castrée.

Susceptible is the story of Goglu, a daydreamer growing up in Quebec in the ’80s and ’90s with a single mother. From a skillful artist comes a moving, beautiful story about families, loss, and growing up. Whether she’s discussing nature versus nurture or the story of her birth, Castrée imbues her storytelling with a quiet power and a confidence in the strength of imagery.

As you may remember, this book launch was originally scheduled for November, but we’re happy to be say it’s been rescheduled and Genevieve will be coming to town to celebrate its release and discuss this new work.

We think this is one of the most important graphic novel releases of the season, from an enormously talented young Canadian cartoonist. Best of all, we’ve been told her presentation from the book is excellent, so we hope you’ll be able to make it out for this.

For more information on exactly what this graphic novel is all about, please visit  the Drawn & Quarterly blog.

Beguiling Boxing Day Sale Phase 03: Marvel, DC, and More for a Buck!

Alright! The slightly-delayed conclusion to our Boxing Day sale begins Monday. Here’s the deal!

  1. Selected boxes of comics will be put on a special sale for one week at a time.
  2. These books will be discounted at 50% off of cover price to start with.
  3. On the first day of the sale (Monday), if you purchase 20 or more different issues from the sale box, all of the issues you buy become $1 each!
  4. Each day that the sale continues, the number of issues needed to get to the $1 level decreases. Tuesday & Wednesday: Buy 15 or more different issues and they’re a dollar each. Thursday and Friday, buy 10. Saturday and Sunday, buy 5.
  5. The whole thing starts over again on Monday with all new titles and publishers.

WEEK ONE: January 28th to February 3rd – MARVEL
WEEK TWO: February 4th to February 10th – IMAGE, DARK HORSE, MISC
WEEK THREE: February 11th to February 17th – DC

* Just to clarify, you need to purchase 20 different issues on that first day, and 20 copies of Dweezleman #1 doesn’t count. 1 copy each of Dweezleman #1 to 20 would count, and then you can buy as many of the number 1st as you want to at that point. If this is unclear we’ll explain it again in store.


ware-mono30Looking for a Ware fix while waiting for Building Stories to come back in print? Or are you looking for the perfect follow-up after devouring Jimmy Corrigan? Well, we have something that just might scratch those itches!

Mono Kultur, the well-designed interview magazine from Berlin, focused its entire Winter 2012 issue on Ware with an informative 23-page interview. This beautiful chapbook features two different fold outs, including one of rarely-seen Ware process material. The intimate interview looks at every aspect Ware’s illustrious career and includes great insight to his work — a must-have for any Ware fan!

You can find Mono Kultur #30 on the main floor and second floors next to the cash registers for $10.00.

ANNOUNCE: J. Torres and J. Lum Launch Checkets and Dot!

We’re delighted to announce the launch of a lovely new series of black-and-white board books created by comics veterans J. Torres and Jennifer Lum. The Checkers and Dot books present high-contrast patterns and rhyming text that’s perfect for little eyes and ears. Plus: the books are adorable! Please join us on Sunday, December 2nd as we celebrate these books and their wonderful creators. J and Jennifer will be on hand to meet their fans and sign copies of the books, and we’ll have some Checkers-and-Dot themed activities for the kids. See you then!

Start Your Holiday Shopping with
Checkers and Dot!

It’s getting to be that time of year, and we think the Checkers and Dot books are the perfect beginning to your holiday shopping. So, everyone who purchases one of these books during their in-store appearance will get 10% off their entire purchase! That’s right – buy Checkers and Dot and we’ll give you a deal on all of the comics in the shop! Bring your kids’ wish lists, and give the gift of comics!