Anders Nilsen’s BIG QUESTIONS #15 and Michael DeForge’s SPOTTING DEER

Anders Nilsen’s BIG QUESTIONS #15 has just arrived in-store, wrapping up the exceptionally long-running serialized graphic novel. I’ve been following it since about issue #6 and it’s a phenomenal, beautiful work, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how it all wraps up. Big Questions #15 is published by the lovely Drawn & Quarterly, and is available on the main floor.

Toronto Comics wunderkind Michael DeForge also has a brand new comic book out, SPOTTING DEER, from the fine folks at Koyama Press. The previews of this one set the internet on fire last week, so now that the book is available in store we hope you’ll all come by and pick up a copy, it’s even prettier than it looks here, and a massive 10″ x 10″. $5.00, both floors.

– Chris