NOW IN STOCK: IF N OOF, POWR MASTRS 3 – Brian Chippendale and CF in Toronto tonight! Plus: Krampusnacht!

We’re happy to report that we’ve received a bunch of copies of the awesome new releases from PictureBox Inc., just in time for tonight’s event! As shown, there’s the massive 700 page IF ‘N’ OOF from Brian Chippendale, and POWR MASTRS V3 from C.F. Hopefully in addition to loving these two books, you’ll come check them out at the official Toronto Launch Party tonight!

Brian Chippendale & C.F. in Toronto
In support of their new works If’N’Oof and Powr Mastrs v3
Thursday, December 2nd, 6:30pm-7:30pm
@ RESISTOR GALLERY, 284 College Street, Second Floor, Near Spadina

The launch goes from 6:30-7:30, with doors open at 6pm. Come early, and then stay late for:

Krampus Committee 2010 presents
‘Krampusnacht Art Show’
Dec 2, 2010 – Jan 10, 2011 at RESISTOR GALLERY
284 College Street 2nd Floor, Toronto (Map)
OPENING: Thursday, December 2 at 7:30pm – December 3 at 1:00am
 Andrew Heffron • Aaron Costain • Aaron Leighton  Attila Szanyi • Brian McLachlanBrandon Steen • Clayton Hanmer  Crankbunny • Craig Marshall • Chris Stone  Carey Sookocheff  Drazen Kozjan  Dan Turner • Diego Bergia • Diana McNally • Faez Alidousti •Hyein Lee • Jessica Fortner • Jesse Jacobs • Jeremy Kai • Janice Kun • Jason Bone • Julia Breckenreid • Karen Justl  Katy Dockrill  Luke Ramsey  Mike McDougall • Marek Colek• Matthew Forsythe  Maylynn Quan • Michael Comeau • Michael Wandelmaier • Pat Shewchuk • Prashant Miranda • Hayley Morris • Ryan Feely • Randy Knott • Ron Gervais• Ro Rao • Steve Manale Steve Wilson • Sarah Lazarovic • Tomori Nagamoto •

It’s all happening tonight in Toronto! See ya there!

– Chris @ The Beguiling