Imiri Sakabashira’s Heso-No-O Kaidou – Great Gifts at The Beguiling

The very select amongst you may remember (and be a fan of) Imri Sakabashira’s THE BOX MAN, released last year from the fine folks at Drawn and Quarterly. Well, in addition to his underground manga career, Sakabashira is also a noted painter and fine artist, and on my last trip to Japan I was able to pick up a bunch of copies of a gallery catalogue of his painting work, published by the alt-culture retailer TACO che. 60 pages, colour, A5 Size, $19.95, and it’s available on both floors.

This is one of those super-cool items that we get here at The Beguiling that we have for a little while and people think “Oh, I’ll get that next time,” and then it is gone, but more importantly since it is published by a Japanese micro-publisher and we picked them up in person in Japan, it will eventually be gone forever. These are probably the only copies of these in Canada, that sorta thing. 🙂

The store is full of cool stuff like this, by the by, and we’ll be doing our best to highlight these fine items over the next few weeks. Keep checking the blog!

– Chris @ The Beguiling