Two Very Different New Books

Happy Monday Morning, everybody.

We got two new books in this morning that you might be curious about. First is the new one by Charles Burns… What’s that, you say you didn’t know there was a new Charles Burns in the works? Well then, you apparently missed the news about One Eye, “a collection of paired photographs by Charles Burns that captures the strange undertones of a staggering range of objects and locales.” As the cover shows, it’s some pretty interesting stuff and if you’re a fan of Burns’ sequential narrative work, chances are you’re going to absolutely love his photography.

One Eye:

Meanwhile, at the other end of the spectrum is a brand new work featuring the art of fan-favourite Terry Dodson. Known for his ‘good-girl’ art, the new French-language album Songes Tome 1: Coraline is considerably more risque than Dodson can get away with on projects like Wonder Woman. Fans of animation and illustration books already scooped up our first shipment of this one, and it’s unlikely that the copies we have will be around for long. Better make your way to the store post-haste.

Songes Tome 1:

That’s all for this morning. Check back all week, there’re always new books showing up…

– Chris