Les Enfants d’ailleurs, Ragni, and Spook Show

This week saw the arrival of a few more cool new books, and we thought we’d share the news with you.

First up is les Enfants d’ailleurs, by Bannister and Nykko. A new French language children’s graphic album, it features art by FLIGHT contributor Bannister and is quite pretty, if you like the animation/illustration-style stuff. The book is also appropriate for younger readers, and features a much more approachable vocabulary than most graphic albums if you happen to be looking to brush up on your francais. Second floor.

les Enfants: http://www.beguiling.com/productview2a.asp?P_NUM=5383

Secondly, we have RAGNI. The debut 5-song EP from Canadian songsters Ragni features a brand new 21 page graphic novella from Canadian illustrator Karl Kerschl, famous for his work on SUPERMAN and X-MEN. It’s actually a really nice, wordless black and white story and the music is good too. Sort of a late-period ambient Radiohead kind of thing? At any rate, it’s a pretty excellent (and unique!) addition to any comics library. $15.00, second floor.

RAGNI: http://www.beguiling.com/productview2a.asp?P_NUM=5384

Finally, we have a book that isn’t new this week but IS sort of a wonderful rarity that we should’ve mentioned a little while back. Canadian painter Ryan Heshka released a fun little artbook called ABC Spook Show, a 60 page collection of paintings that have the cute/goth look totally wrapped up. You can see more art at Heska’s website, http://www.ryanheshka.com. We’ve got plenty in stock at $22.95, available on the main floor.

ABC Spook Show: http://www.beguiling.com/productview2a.asp?P_NUM=5385

That’s it for this week! See you soon with more great books and events.

– Christopher