TONIGHT: Scream Literary Festival’s Comics to the Rescue

Just when the book seemed beyond all hope, comic artists have arrived to save the day! Our heroes Kate Beaton, Willow Dawson, Evan Munday, Claire Nobbs, Mariko Tamaki and Angela Szczepaniak swallow their proton pills and attempt to revive, rescue, revisit, and reinterpret the literary industry. Accompanying them will be host Elvira Kurt and projections (but not readings) of comics from a team of mighty artists, including Hope Larson, Steve Rolston, stef lenk, and Doug Wright Award recipients Dave Lapp, Jeff Lemire, Jillian Tamaki and Matt Forsythe.

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre
12 Alexander Street (1 block east of Yonge Street)
July 9th 7:00PM

Find out more at The Scream Literary Festival’s Website