The Walking Dead #100 – Variant Cover Set Special

The Walking Dead #100 – Complete Covers Set – $250

The Walking Dead #100 is coming this July, and to “celebrate” Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, and the Image Comics crew are offering 10 different covers on this issue. We have been asked if it will be possible to guarantee getting all 10 of the covers, and so we’ve come up with the following deal. This is open to everyone, but there will only be 4 of these deals made, and there is no further pullfile discount on this price.

The Walking Dead #100 Complete Covers Set – $250 Plus Tax, pre-paid.
Limited to the first 4 respondents. Orders and payments due by June 1st.
Set Includes:
2 Each: Walking Dead #100 Adlard Cover A, Silvestri Cover B, Quitely Cover C, Mcfarlane Cover D, Phillips Cover E, Hitch Cover F, Ottley Cover G, Adlard Wrap Cover H.
1 of Chromium Edition Cover
1 of 1:200 Copy Adlard B&W Incv Cover

The retail price of these items separately would be over $300, and the availability of the 1:200 cover is not otherwise guaranteed.

 – Chris