Beguiling Artstore Update: Clowes, McLeod, TCAF, Girard

ITEM! The Beguiling Art Store was recently able to acquire two very rare early pieces of Daniel Clowes’ work. We get asked for his original art all the time, but it’s very rare indeed that we have it available to sell. We actually got three pieces but one sold while we were sorting it in the store that day. Crazy. You can see the pieces at

ITEM! Kagan McLeod, illustrator and author of Infinite Kung-Fu recently dropped off a batch of gorgeous new originals in the artstore! Some pages from Infinite Kung-Fu, some new illustrations, and Kagan has promised more are on the way! Check them out at

ITEM! The 2012 TCAF Poster is now available for sale! Featuring an original illustration by Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon, it is gorgeous and we’ve already gotten numerous inquiries as to whether it’s for sale. It is! It’s $10 online or in-store, and we’ve also created a few other packages so you can get allll the TCAF posters.

ITEM! We’ve just reached an agreement to represent the original art sales of Bigfoot and Reunion artist Pascal Girard. Those should be online and ready for sale in early June!

– Chris @ The Beguiling