We’re going to make Christmas shopping for the superhero fan on your list (or yourself…) really, really easy. We’re having a massive Marvel Hardcovers sale from Thursday December 10th through Wednesday December 16th. Here are the details.

50% OFF THE U.S. PRICE of all Marvel HCs that are also available in similar softcover editions. This includes “Marvel Premiere” HCs, standard-sized Marvel HCs, and many of those slightly-larger bind-up hardcovers that put two or three trade paperbacks in one hardcover.

25% OFF THE U.S. PRICE of all other Marvel HCs. This includes the big omnibus editions, the Earth X HC, classic collections, and Marvel Masterworks. Actually, what the hell, 25% off of DC Archives and those Dark Horse Archives as well.

1. HCs must be published by Marvel. Books by other publishers featuring Marvel characters (like the new Updated Marvel Encyclopedia by DK) do not count.

2. Determination of whether something is eligible for a 50% discount or a 25% discount is at our sole discretion. We will play fair (We Want To Sell HCs), but we also don’t particularly feel like arguing with anyone.

3. ICON books like Criminal and Powers aren’t part of the sale. Sorry!

– Christopher