BOXING DAY! Most in-stock books are 20% off.
Shop from the comfort of your home and get some truly amazing comics!

The medium-sized print:
Almost every in-stock, in-print book* ordered on December 25th, 26th, and 27th will be discounted 20% after checkout when we process your order.

You won’t see the discount when you check out. Even if you enter a credit card number. Nothing is charged until we have the books in our hands and have manually applied your discount. No worries!

The fine print:

  • This deal is on books that are in stock. You can see which books are supposed to be in stock on the webstore, and we’ll confirm that they are when we pick your order. Because inventory management systems (and the humans who operate them) are imperfect, there may be some things which show as in-stock but aren’t. Our intention is to give you a deal on the books we have here in the store, and this is the best way we’ve figured out to do this in these pandemic times. Please bear with us!
  • This deal is for regular, in-print books. Not rarities. Not old comics. Normal, regular, in-print books, as determined by us at our sole discretion.
  • This deal excludes December new arrivals. A brand-new release that came out on December 20th, for example, or stock of a zine we just got in on December 5th, would not be part of this deal. Again: this will be determined at our sole discretion.
  • This deal does not combine with any other discounts or promotions. The 20% off will be assessed against the Canadian publisher’s list price or the Canadian price based on The Beguiling’s current exchange rate
  • This deal does not apply to any items placed on hold or ordered before 25 December 2020. And it only applies to purchases placed on the dates of the sale.

Can I take advantage of this amazing sale without shopping online?
We’re taking a much deserved break during this sale, so online is your only option for getting these deals. We won’t be answering the phone, and we won’t be checking our email. If you want 20% off – place your order online!

You don’t need to have a credit card though! You can order online during the sale and pick up and pay by cash or debit at our curbside wicket after we reopen on the 28th.

So, to summarize: place your order online on the 25th-27th, get 20% off, and pick up (or have it shipped to you) when we’re back to business the following week.

Is that all there is?!
Nope! We’re going to have a bunch of rotating deals throughout the month of January. Really good ones, too. Follow us on Instagram @TheBeguiling or sign up for our mailing list to keep up with all of them and maximize your comics habit!