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WENDY’S REVENGE – A play by Walter Scott at the Rhubarb Festival!

51VzBZoF-mL._SX359_BO1,204,203,200_Hey! We’re super-excited to let you know that Torontonian Graphic Novelist Walter Scott has a brand new piece of experimental theatre premiering at the Rhubarb Festival! Walter Scott is the author of WENDY, which is a graphic novel about art school, which is a graphic novel we all liked a great deal over here. We think you’ll like it too, and if this play is just is good, well, make sure to pick up your ticket.


WENDY’S REVENGE  February 25 // 10:00PM  // in the chamber
Wendy, an armoured space pirate, is informed by her naturopath that in order to exorcize her abdominal pain, she has to find her ex-boyfriend and kill him.
Created and performed by Walter Scott // curated by Videofag

Full event and ticket info available online at

– Chris @ The Beguiling

P.S.: Official friend of The Beguiling “Art is Hard Productions” also has a show at the Rhubarb, on February 21st as part of the “Take Your Space” Installation, 7pm-9pm.  Check that out too!