Shipping January 7th, 2009

The following comics and graphic novels are scheduled to ship to The Beguiling on Wednesday, January 7th, 2009.

Here’s the list: /090107-shipping.txt. All prices quoted in U.S. Dollars.

The Beguiling Recommends 

SEP083845 Rasl TP Vol 01 Drift (Mr) 13.00

Hey fans of BONE who are over the age of 14 or so (maybe 16?)! Jeff Smith’s new ongoing series RASL gets its first collection this week with RASL VOLUME ONE: THE DRIFT. According to Jeff Smith at his website,, “It’s big (9 “x 12″), and it has a new scene that was not in the original comic books.”

New scene! How can you pass that up? Collects, I think, the first three issues. I have enjoyed the first three issues, so I’d say this is worth your hard-earned thirteen dollars. Warning to parents though, it’s a little edgy for little’uns. 

NOV082270 Walking Dead #57 (Res) (Mr) 2.99

NOV082242 Walking Dead TP Vol 09 Here We Remain (Mr) 14.99
Hey, how about that? Robert Kirkman starts his “On Time In ’09” promotion off right, by releasing a brand new issue of The Walking Dead on the very first week of the year. Better still, the 9th volume of the series also makes its debut, meaning that this is the shortest time between volumes of The Walking Dead ever. It’s a good time to be a fan of the series, and if this schedule holds up we’ll get two more collections in 2009!
If you haven’t read the book yet, seriously, it’s a really well done genre-thriller that’s not really about the zombies so much as it is the people and how they interact. Just really sharp in a lot of ways, and incredibly compelling. If you’ve been kinda ‘meh’ on some of the series you’ve been reading recently, give this one a shot.
NOV083985 Him & Hers Smuggling Vacation GN (Mr) 11.95
I know this is sort of an oddball recommendation, and I didn’t really order very many of these anyway, but this is a neat little comic I stumbled on this year thanks to a recommendation from Rich Johnston at Lying In The Gutters ( Basically, it’s about a sort of clueless young couple from England who trip over a drug deal gone wrong while on vacation in Spain, and decide to bring a bunch of drugs back with them to sell on the open market. 
It’s a great big comedy-of-errors, with lots of single-panel gags and Very British Cartooning. I caught about 3/4 of the serialization online and enjoyed it, so if you’re looking for something funny and drug-themed this week, this is twelve bucks well-spent.
NOV082466 Agents Of Atlas TP 24.99
I have to admit to not having read this one, but many of my friends really enjoyed this mini-series which featured my buddy Jeff Parker (The Interman, Marvel Adventures) breathing new life into Marvel’s Atlas-Era superheroes. There’s a new ongoing series on the way, which makes this trade paperback of the original collection timely, and I promise to read it this week first thing and let you know how it is. But, like I said: I’ve heard lots of good things.
Also of Note:

JUN084284 1520 GN Vol 01 11.95
This is a really well-drawn manga from UDON, complete with colour pages and an interesting premise. If you like fantasy manga, give it a look-see.
OCT080214 American Splendor Another Dollar TP (Mr) 14.99
Collecting the second Vertigo American Splendor mini-series.

NOV080132 Black Lightning Year One #1 (Of 6) 2.99
I don’t think anyone was pounding their fists on the counter, demanding this book, but Cully Hamner is drawing it and he’s quite good, so at least it’ll look great.
SEP084213 Blue Monday Thieves Like Us #1 (Of 5) (Mr) 3.50
This is the first new Blue Monday material from Chynna Clugston in years and years. I always enjoyed Blue Monday and I’m glad to see more of it.

OCT080037 Buffy The Vampire Slayer #21 Chen Cvr 2.99
The next arc in the Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 8 series starts with the return of Harmony, the character everyone hates. Yay? Also, for those of you looking to switch from trades to single issues (or vice-versa), this issue marks the first part of the fifth trade paperback, scheduled for this summer.
OCT084374 Castle Of Dreams GN Stories From The Creator Of Kare Kano 12.99
That’s a long title. But accurate.
JUN080241 Dc Universe Illustrated By Neal Adams HC Vol 01 39.99

This is “the first of three hardcover volumes collecting nearly every DC Comics story and cover by Neal Adams not already collected in GREEN LANTERN/GREEN ARROW, BATMAN or DEADMAN titles. Featuring rarely seen stories from OUR ARMY AT WAR #182, 183 and 186, STAR SPANGLED WAR STORIES #134 and 144, DETECTIVE COMICS #369, TEEN TITANS #20-22, ACTION COMICS #425, SUPERMAN #254, WEIRD WAR TALES #12 and 13 and more!” Just so you know.
NOV080048 Hellboy Wild Hunt #2 (Of 8) 2.99
The second issue in the new Hellboy mini, which fans tell me is stronger than the last non-Mignola-drawn Hellboy mini.
NOV082394 Punisher #1 Dkr 3.99
Another new Punisher series. This time he is in Dark Reign. I have no idea why there is another new #1. My bad.
OCT082511 Runaways Prem HC Pride & Joy 19.99
For some reason Marvel is releasing the Runaways books in regular-sized hardcovers. Note: Cheaper, oversized hardcovers still available.
NOV080222 Sandman Dream Hunters #3 (Of 4) (Mr) 2.99
The penultimate issue in P. Craig Russell’s comics adaptation of the Gaiman/Amano prose project.
NOV082460 Secret Invasion TP 29.99
OCT082505 New Avengers HC Vol 09 Secret Invasion 19.99
The first of the Secret Invasion trade paperbacks have started trickling out. I think they’re planning more than 16 of them by the time this is done. Amusingly, this is one series where the stories told in the tie-ins were actually more interesting and compelling than the one in the main book.
NOV080131 Sgt Rock The Lost Battalion #3 (Of 6) 2.99
Billy Tucci continues to tell the story of a hero band of Japanese-American soldiers during the second world war, and the time they met Sgt. Rock. …
– Chris