Shipping January 14, 2009

The following comics and graphic novels are scheduled to ship to The Beguiling Books & Art in Toronto, Canada, on Wednesday January 14th, 2009. All prices listed in U.S. funds.

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NOV082358 Amazing Spider-Man #583 3.99
OCT088192 Amazing Spider-Man #583 Obama Var 3.99

The Obama / Spider-Man Situation: Just getting this out of the way up-front. We ordered a decent amount of the Amazing Spider-Man #583 variant cover featuring an unauthorized image of Barack Obama, just like we ordered more than enough copies of the Amazing Spider-Man #573 variant cover featuring Stephen Colbert. Just like the Colbert cover, we’ll be limiting purchases to one copy of either cover of Amazing Spider-Man #583 per customer, for at least the first week of sales. We are not accepting any reservations or pre-orders on this comic.

I will say that we really don’t have a lot of sympathy for folks looking to “speculate” on this comic in the hopes that it will accumulate value over the years; it won’t. Seriously, you can get a copy of “Death of Captain America” for $5 at most stores, comics don’t accumulate value like that anymore, they just get a temporary hype which then quickly, quickly fades.

If you just want to participate in the joy of Obama’s inauguration, great! The regular version of the comic ALSO features a 5 page Obama story! And, there’ll be a second printing of this comic, featuring the Obama cover AND the 5 page story, available next week, and we should have lots more copies. If you’re just looking for a memento/keepsake, which we totally understand, and support, then you should probably wait for that comic next week: It’ll be a lot less chaotic trying to get it.

Now, that little Public Service Announcement out of the way, here’s what we actually recommend:

The Beguiling Recommends

NOV083888 Bone Color Ed Hc Vol 09 Crown Of Horns 19.99
NOV083889 Bone Color Ed Sc Vol 09 Crown Of Horns 9.99
The final volume(?) of Scholastic’s full-color reprints of BONE by Jeff Smith. One of our bestsellers for years now, we’d really like to thank Jeff Smith, colorist Steve Hammaker, Vijaya, Tom, Kathleen and the Cartoon Books crew, and of course Scholastic for putting out such a wonderful, high-quality series for kids of all ages. Congratulations!

If you’re one of the (very few!) folks who hasn’t read BONE yet, we have all nine volumes in stock (as of Wednesday), as well as the inexpensive ($40!) BONE: ONE VOLUME edition, a 1300 page monster collecting the entire series in one surprisingly easy-to-read volume.

NOV084115 Locke & Key Head Games #1 3.99

This is the second series of novelist Joe Hill’s comics story Locke & Key, published by IDW. The surprising first series ended up being a favourite of many of the staff last year, and the first hard cover collection is currently available. If you can’t wait until next fall for the second collection, we’ll be keeping this series in stock in issue form until then.

OCT084457 Nana Tp Vol 14 8.99

I’m really behind on Nana, I’ll probably end up reading it all in a day-off like I did with Monster over New Years’. Still I did want to make note of this volume because I tend to use these little updates to let people know about neat new books, or good jumping-on points, but every once in a while it’s good to note that great series are still being released 4 or 5 times a year.

Also of Note:

OCT082489 Incognito #1 3.50
If you missed it the first time, we’re happy to note that we’re getting a bunch more copies of Incognito #1, and first printings too. If we sell out this time as well, don’t worry, there’s a second printing coming as well.

JUN080060 End League Tp Vol 01 Ballad Of Big Nothing 12.95
AUG084254 Steve Ditko Edge Of Genius Sc 25.00
We’re very sorry to note that we were massively allocated on these two books. We’re getting like one of each, even though we ordered bunches of both. The situation is exactly the same at every comic book store in the city. We’re expecting to get more next week, and we appreciate your patience.

– Chris @ The Beguiling