Shaun Tan’s Lost & Found

“A girl finds a bright spot in a dark world.

A boy leads a strange, lost creature home.

And a group of peaceful creatures loses their home to cruel invaders.”

Lost & Found is beautiful hard cover containing three long unavailable stories (The Red Tree, The Lost Thing, and The Rabbits) by award-winning Australian graphic novelist and illustrator Shaun Tan, now finally back in print.

Tan’s rare skill in crafting tales with interest and appeal for all ages have made his other books, Outer Suburbia and The Arrival, favorites of both staff and customers here at the store.

As you may have heard, the animated adaptation of one of the stories in this book–The Lost Thing–took home the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film a few weeks back, which has made Tan’s work even more in-demand. We’re quite happy to see this book back in print, and it is in stock on both floors of The Beguiling.

– Parrish