NOW IN STOCK: Used Shoujo Manga Anthologies!

Hey Shoujo manga fans! Want a whole heap of Japanese shoujo manga? Look here! We recently picked up a collection of about 20 Japanese-language shoujo manga anthologies from 2000-2002, including Ribon, Sho-Comi, and others. We’re selling them off for the bargain-basement price of just 3 bucks a pop.

Not Shown: We picked up a bunch of tankoubons too. Mostly Japanese-language collections by Yu Watsae, but some other neat stuff in there too. We priced them at a buck-or-less, and bundled some into sets. Improve your Japanese! Impress your friends! Or just get the really nice, Japanese-printed editions! For $1!
Located on the second floor, above the magazine rack.
– Chris @ The Beguiling