NOW IN STOCK: Street Angel TPB

In advance of next month’s AFRODISIAC collection by Jim Rugg and Brian Maresca, the fine folks at SLG publishing have put the phenomenal STREET ANGEL trade paperback back into print…! This new printing has all of the same great content as the first one, but it’s now on a heavier coated (“shiny”) paper. It’s an excellent read, one of my fav comics of the past few years. Creator Jim Rugg is also a regular fixture here in Toronto at TCAF. It retails for about 15 bucks, and is on both floors of the store.

Oh, and, that AFRODISIAC collection I mentioned? Chris Pitzer at Adhouse Books sent me a digital preview of that book and it is going to utterly kick ass. It is easily one of the best-designed books of 2009, and the content his pretty hilarious too. Don’t miss it–or Afrodisiac’s first appearance in Street Angel–this winter.

– Chris @ The Beguiling