Now in Stock: PROJECT H!

Good news, smut lovers! Just in time for the holidays we have three high-quality hentai manga for the discerning “aficionado.”

Shocking Pink by Yasuiriosuke
Fed up with how the world is being run, Ryuubi decides to do something about it. She is determined to rule it herself! (With sexy results.)

Three P by Hiroshi Itaba
Sizzling hot college co-eds, Reika, Sara, and Mizume, are looking for more than just a quickie from their men. (With sexy results.)

Embrace & Bloom by Kuon Michiyoshi
Shige feels like the luckiest guy in the world. His girl Mayu is short, cute, and… uh, “well-endowed.” Shige is obsessed with her “assets,” but it turns out Mayu wants more than just a quick fondle. (With sexy results.)

All three can be found on the second floor for $17.95 — U.S. cover price! Usually this kind of material is met with a steep markup but we have cut a deal with Project H to ensure a steady supply of their books. We’ll have all their forthcoming material early and in “deep” stock from now on! There’s never been a better time to love sexy results!