Now In Stock: Amy Lockhart’s DIRTY DISHES Petit Livre

Multi-disciplinary Canadian artist Amy Lockhart is notable for having worked with lo-fi comics-creators like Marc Bell and Peter Thompson, and her illustration, painting, video work has been a fixture in Canadian alternative art galleries for the past decade. Drawn & Quarterly has just published what I believe is the first solo-book for Ms. Lockhart, DIRTY DISHES, a portfolio of her various artistic endeavours in the Petit Livres format. The book is in-stock now and retails for $14.95.

Also of note, Marc Bell was recently in town and signed a bunch of copies of his new art retrospective HOT POTATOE, also from Drawn & Quarterly. We don’t charge anything extra for signed copies, and you can find them on the main floor for $44.95.
– Chris @ The Beguiling