Kalinga Tattoo – Black & Grey Tattoo

Kalinga Tattoo: Ancient and Modern Expressions of the Tribal
International photographers, fifty Kalinga elders, tattoo anthropologist Dr. Lars Krutak, and Whang-Od, the last Kalinga tattoo artist illuminate the story of a vanishing thousand year old art form. Over four hundred pages including 334 full color photographs wrapped in a gold embossed hardcovers.

…and as if that weren’t enough

Black & Grey Tattoo 1-3
Its one thousand plus pages weighing in at 10kg (22 lbs) this may well be the largest tattoo book ever published. Three large-format hardcover volumes inside a solid slipcase explore the origins and history of monochrome body art from the prisons and streets of LA to Hollywood, heavy metal, Budapest, and Beijing.

I think it would fair to call all these books monumental in that they are large, weighty, and very very impressive.

We have an extremely limited number of these so if you’re interested be sure to drop by soon!