“Since 2014, Page & Panel has strived to provide a community-focused retail destination for comics, art, and book culture. As some of you may already know, Page & Panel is not just a place to buy books and merchandise, but a vibrant space for comics and arts events and a partner in creating original art. Since our inception, we have been proud to support the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, playing our part in growing the visibility of comics as a medium and fostering the growth of a community we hold dear. Now, during these unprecedented times, Page & Panel is asking for your support.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a serious and immediate financial impact on Page & Panel. The closure of the Toronto Reference Library and State of Emergency in Ontario led us to close our doors on March 17. As a result, we have lost nearly all of our revenue and made the painful decision of letting go some of our staff members. In addition, the cancellation of TCAF has meant losing our best weekend for sales, which supports the store and the festival year-round,  while we are still liable for mounting overhead fees.

We are asking for your support to help us recover from our financial losses during this time. Funds raised during this time will go directly to our areas of greatest priority:

Overhead: Towards the payment of rent, merchandise orders made prior to the pandemic, and other fixed costs
Recuperation of lost revenue: Page & Panel makes  significant sales during our festival weekend and we will not be able to recoup them. These sales support the festival and organization throughout the year.
Staff: Towards retaining staff and re-hiring staff as the economy slowly re-opens.”


P&P is the year-round means of supporting TCAF, and with the loss of not only the festival but its day to day operations both have been hit hard. Any help is much appreciated– and hey, you can also support by, you know, buying stuff! Get goods in return! Hit up the Page & Panel Shopify store!