It’s official: new comic shipments from Diamond have resumed! Whew!

We are very excited to be able to get you your comics, but obviously things are going to be a little different than they have been, so here’s a handy little FAQ outlining how things are gonna be working!


I heard new comics are coming out again. Is that true?

Yes! Diamond shipments have resumed. DC has switched distributors, but orders from the new distributor have also been established.

DC comics said something about Tuesday?

Sorry, that was idiocy. You can ignore that. New comics will be available Wednesday morning as usual.

Does this mean you are open?

The store has remained operational filling orders for pickup and/or mail-out throughout this first wave of the pandemic.  We remain closed for in-store shopping, and browsing.  All of our graphic novels are up on our webstore www.beguilingbooks.com. Please note, single issues will not be available for sale through the website. We will be posting our Diamond lists on this site every Friday with a list of titles coming out the following week, and taking orders througb email. If you have a pullfile with us, we will pull your books as per usual!

We have also begun to offer CURBSIDE BROWSING every week on Wednesdays and Saturdays! We have our new single issues displayed in the window, and you can place an order with a clerk at the door for any product we have in store! We are also accepting payment in-person these days by all means, including cash.

So I can’t just come to the store and yell what I want to you through the glass?

…No. But you can come on Wednesdays and Saturdays and talk to someone with no glass between you! That’s a better form of yelling!

When will you be open to the public again?

Once  we feel it can be done safely.  When that does happen, keep in mind that it may very well still be in a limited capacity-  we may allow only a certain number of people in the shop at once, and you will need to wear a mask and use hand sanitizer.  It could be a very long time before shopping is back to normal, but we’ll roll with the punches as best we can and hope you’ll join us in, uh, getting punched. By life.

Can I see the single issue comics on-line?

We always post a list of the new issues that arrive each week, and we’ll also be posting videos of the new release rack to OUR INSTAGRAM every Tuesday night.  We’ll be filling orders from our pull-file customers first, email requests second, and phone inquiries after that.

If you’re looking for issues, send us an email at ORDERS@BEGUILING.CA and let us know what you’re looking for!

As mentioned above, as of June 24th 2020 the Beguiling will offer in-person curbside shopping Wednesdays and Saturdays! This means you can come pick up comics and pay directly at the store for your stuff, all from the (relative) comfort of the street!

How do I pay for my comics?

We accept Visa and Mastercard over the phone as well as Interac e-transfers and Paypal payments to mail@beguiling.ca. You can also pay in-person Wednesdays and Saturdays ONLY between 11 and 6!

Can I pay at the door?

Only on Wednesdays and Saturdays between 11-6.

How do I set up a pull file?

I’m so glad you asked! Pullfiles are wonderful. They make sure a copy of what you’re looking for is ordered for you, and it’s put aside so you can pick it up at your own convenience!

Go here to see how to set up your very own pullfile!

If you still have any questions, please send us an email about it and we’ll do our best to get back to you asap!