Fan Favourites: Criminal: The Last of the Innocent #4

Criminal: The Last of the Innocent #4

By Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, $3.50, Second Floor.
The exciting conclusion to Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips’ latest noir epic. Richard Rilley might have committed the perfect crime and got away with it, but can he keep everything from falling apart? Rest assured, the ending is everything you’ve hoped for and more.
If you haven’t pick up the series yet, imagine it as the real “What if Archie married Veronica” told as a brutal noir thriller, with all of the unsaid animosity, lust, and greed, bubbling to the surface in a way only Brubaker and Phillips could tell it. In some ways it’s Brubaker’s most personal Criminal arc yet and is, in our opinion, the strongest story of an exceptionally strong series. We have issues 1 through 4 in stock now, as well as selected issues and all of the tpbs/hc collecting the previous arcs.
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