Brecht Evens’ The Wrong Place

Accomplished Belgian illustrator and musician Brecht Evens’ first English graphic novel The Wrong Place has just arrived from Drawn and Quarterly.

You can take a look at some of the gorgeously expressive watercolors from the book on his website: Brechtnieuws.

Also, you can pick up a copy right now on either floor of The Beguiling!

“Wrong Place revolves around oft-absent Robbie, a charismatic lothario of mysterious celebrity who has the run of a city as chaotic as it is resplendent. Robbie’s sexual energy captivates the attention of men and women alike; his literal and figurative brightness is a startling foil to the dreariness of his childhood friend, Francis … Wrong Place contrasts life as it is, angst-ridden and awkward, with life as it can be: spontaneous, uninhibited, and free.” – D&Q