ANNOUNCE: Graphic Novel Programming at The Word On The Street

The Beguiling and The Toronto Comic Arts Festival are proud to continue to sponsor Toronto’s The Word On The Street literary festival on Sunday, September 28th from 11am-6pm on Queen’s Park Circle in Toronto. 2008 will feature another full day of comics and graphic novel related programming, including readings, presentations, and workshops for fans of all ages and interests!

The following presentations and readings will take place in the Comics and Graphic Novels tent, except where specifically noted:

11:00am: The Adventures of Daniel Boom aka Loud Boy 2: Mac Attack!
With D.J. Steinberg.

11:30am: You Crack Me Up! Creating Comic Strips With Chick and Dee.
With Steven Manale and Brian McLachlan.

12:00pm: Street Fighter: Tribute! Building an International Anthology.
With Jim Zubkavich, Matt Moylan, and various UDON Artists.

12:30pm: From Picture Books to Graphic Novels and backagain!
With Jeremy Tankard, Matt Hammill, and Steven Murray.

1:00pm: Skim (Ideaspace Young Adult Marquee)
With Mariko Tamaki.

With Ray Fawkes and Cameron Stewart

2:00pm: 10 Tips To Get Your Writing Out There
With Jim Munroe and Ramon Perez

3:00pm: The Essex County Trilogy: The Country Nurse
With Jeff Lemire

3:30pm: Enter: The Hall of Best Knowledge!
With Ray Fenwick

4:00pm: No Girls Allowed! (Children’s Reading Tent)
With Susan Hughes and Willow Dawson

4:15pm: Drawn & Quarterly’s Petit Livres: Little books with big imaginations
With Pat Shewchuk, Marek Colek, and Matthew Forsythe

5:00pm: Webcomics Showdown: The Battle for the Future of the Internet!
With Claudia DaVilla, Andy Bellanger, Joey Comeau, Matt Forsythe, Emily Horne, Ryan North, and Ramon Perez

For more information on the individual programs and the festival, please visit The Word On The Street’s website at

– Chris @ The Beguiling