ANNOUCE: TCAFabulous: Queer Comix Mixer!

TCAFabulous! Party and Mixer
Saturday, May 7
6:30pm 9:00pm
Crews & Tangos,
508 Church Street
Admission is FREE

Queer comic book fans unite! Let’s celebrate spandex, gravity defying breasts, inappropriate relationships between men and boys, fishnets, token femme lesbians, ‘it’s not really bondage’ bondage and the muthafuckin’ Dark Phoenix in this evening of queering up some of your favourite comic book pages and images.

Panelists Jose Villarubia (Colorist extraordinaire, The Book of Copulations, Mirror of Love), Maurice Vellekoop (Pin-Ups & A Nut at the Opera), Zan Christensen (Publisher, Northwest Press) and Erika Moen (DAR! & Bucko) will target mainstream comics with their pink optic blasts and expose the hidden (really?) queer in all your favourite comic book characters.

After the show, stay for the mixer! Grab a cocktail, get a book signed and meet other queer comics fans and creators.

Also, TCAF is happy to welcome Northwest Press in their first Canadian comic book festival appearance. Northwest Press is dedicated to publishing the best lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender comics and graphic novels including titles like Rainy Day Recess, Glamazonia, Teleny and Camille and more.