An impassioned plea for The Incal

“Twenty years ago, cult filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky teamed up with Moebius, one of the most famous comic book creators, to make The Incal, a masterpiece of science fiction comics. When John Difool accidentally discovers a mysterious artifact, he is propelled from his boring life to the centre of an epic galaxy-spanning adventure. Along the way he encounters shadowy monsters from the dark side of the mind, rides on giant jellyfish, and learns to fight, love, and dream, before he discovers the truth about the universe and himself.

“This is the definitive English language version of The Incal – the complete six-volume adventure in one beautiful book, with the original colouring.”

– John Anderson, one of our wonderful long-time customers who wanted to make sure you all knew about why tomorrow’s fantastic release of this material was so important.

See you at the shop tomorrow folks!

– Chris @ The Beguiling