Webcomics In Print: New In The Store

Did you know that The Beguiling stocks a full array of print-editions of popular webcomics? It’s true! Why, just this week we received a number of new collections of webcomics material not usually available anywhere but online, and direct from the publishers. Check out our recent webcomics acquisitions… (Warning: Not Safe For All Ages…):

Octopus Pie: A Brooklyn Drama, by Meredith Gran. $10.95
Collecting the popular webcomic strip by one of our great TCAF guests. A group of goofy misfits find love and infamy in Brooklyn, with really lovely, clean animation-inspired art.

Templar, Arizona Book One, by Spike. $15.00
A serialised graphic novella about a near-future sci-fi vision of Arizona. Great world-building here, and FINDER fans will really enjoy it.

Club Stripes: The Best Of Club Stripes Volume 1, by Various. $24.95
Full colour, beautifully printed, hardcore furry porn. The last time we had this in we sold out in under a week. We’re trying to keep this in stock permanently from now on, but this _will_ sell out quickly.

Club Stripes Presents: Undcovered Volume 1, by Miu. $19.95
This one is already sold out from the publisher, so the five copies we’ve got of this gay furry porn collection are first-come, first-served. No pun intended.

Love Can Be Different #1, by Miles-DF. $4.95
I haven’t read this one, but the cover is pretty. Furry, smutty.

When browsing the store, check out our webcomics collections on the second floor near the new comics rack. We’ve got lots of collections in stock including Dinosaur Comics, Perry Bible Fellowship, Girl Genius, Order of the Stick, Diesel Sweeties, Wigu, Goats, and dozens more.

– Chris @ The Beguiling

Announce: "The Political Graphic Novel" in Toronto

TORONTO, (Feb. 12, 2008) – Luminato, Toronto’s Festival of Arts & Creativity, today unveiled its dynamic literary program for the 2008 Festival. Luminato’s Curator of Literary Programming, Devyani Saltzman, announced the program this afternoon at the Gladstone Hotel in downtown Toronto.

Chris Lorway, Luminato’s Director of Programming, is enthusiastic about the festival’s literary component. “For Luminato 2008, we decided to make stronger connections between our literary program and the overall festival. I am so pleased that we were able to find someone like Devyani Saltzman to curate this program for us. She’s a great addition to our team.”

Devyani Saltzman is pleased to see her curatorial vision becoming a reality. “It’s a pleasure to bring both Canadian and international authors together around literary and political themes in addition to showcasing new works. I find the richest discussions occur because of unexpected collaborations.”

The 2008 line-up includes perspectives on South Asia, a focus on war and politics through illustration, a celebration of a renowned literary master, the launch of the third installment of a city-centric anthology, as well as a festival of short stories.

The Political Graphic Novel
Sunday, June 8, 7:00 p.m.
The Al Green Theatre (at the Miles Nadal JCC)
750 Spadina Avenue (Spadina at Bloor)

From the war in Iraq to the life of revolutionary icon Ché Guevera, the medium of graphic novels becomes political in this stimulating evening of literature, illustration and discussion.

With award-winning Canadian author and illustrator Bernice Eisenstein (I Was a Child of Holocaust Survivors), Spain Rodriguez (Che: A Graphic Biography) and the Canadian premiere of Anthony Lappé and Dan Goldman’s Shooting War, which explores the war in Iraq and the influence of alternative news media. The Village Voice describes Shooting War as a “light-handed but searing political satire Shooting War…taking the Sunday comic strip places it could never have gone before.”

The evening will be moderated by Peter Birkemoe, owner of Toronto’s top graphic novel and comics bookstore, The Beguiling.

For more information on the various Luminato Events, please visit http://www.luminato.com/index.php.

Please note: Miriam Katin will not be appearing at this event, we apologize for any confusion.

In Conversation with Michel Rabagliati
Saturday, March 15th at 5pm
Lillian H. Smith Library, 239 College St., Toronto
(College just east of Spadina)

The Beguiling is happy to announce that Michel Rabagliati, author of the Paul series of graphic novels including the newly-released Paul Goes Fishing will be participating in a moderated Q&A and book signing session on Saturday, March 5th at 5pm, at The Lillian H. Smith Library in Toronto.

Rabagliati will be interviewed on stage by The Beguiling’s Peter Birkemoe, on his life and art as well as his new graphic novel. Admission to the event is completely free.

Sponsored by The Beguiling, Canada’s premier retailer of comics and graphic novels, and Drawn & Quarterly, publisher of fine graphic novels.

– Chris @ The Beguiling

New at The Beguiling: SKIM and PAUL GOES FISHING

Newly arrived at The Beguiling are two great Canadian graphic novels, Skim and Paul Goes Fishing.

Skim, by Mariko Tamaki and Jillian Tamaki, is a wonderful graphic novel about teenage longing and the kind of delicate relationships we form with the people around us in high school. This one will likely be rare down south as it’s published by Groundwood Books, an excellent Canadian book publisher without many inroads into the comics direct market. Author Mariko Tamaki has a graphic novel coming in the MINX line this fall, and Jillian Tamaki is a well-known illustrator. Her art book Gilded Lillies is shown in the background.

Meanwhile, Michel Rabagliati’s new graphic novel Paul Goes Fishing is the next in the series of autobiographically-tinged Paul books, following on Paul Gets A Summer Job and Paul Moves Out, also published by Montreal’s Drawn + Quarterly. This one is much more intensely personal and tragicomic graphic novel than the other Paul material, but I guarantee it’ll please fans of the books as well as newcomers to Rabagliati’s work.

A nice boon to both graphic novels is that Skim and Paul Goes Fishing have been recipients of Doug Wright Awards, Canada’s graphic novel awards, so you can be assured of their quality. Both books are now available in The Beguiling online bookstore, at http://www.beguiling.com/bookstore.asp.

– Chris @ The Beguiling

Shipping February 13th, 2008

Hey there folks, here’s what’s scheduled to show up at The Beguiling this week from Diamond. I should point out that we receive stuff NOT from Diamond all the time, and while I do try and make note of it here on the blog (Michel Rabagliati’s new Paul book, Paul Goes Fishing is now in stock!), there’s usually too much stuff to list. It’s probably worth your time to come by…

100 Bullets #88 2.99
30 Days Of Night Beyond Barrow #3 3.99
76 #2 (of 8) 2.99
Amazing Spider-girl #17 2.99
Amazing Spider-man #550 Bnd 2.99
American Virgin #23 2.99
Astro City The Dark Age Special #2 Beautie 3.99
Atomic Robo #5 (of 6) 2.95
Bat Lash #3 (of 6) 2.99
Batman Strikes #42 2.25
Black Panther #34 2.99
Booster Gold #0 2.99
BPRD 1946 #2 (of 5) 2.99
Brit #4 2.99
Captain Marvel #3 (of 5) 2.99
Chemist #2 3.50
Cory Doctorows Futuristic Tales Here And Now #5 (of 6) 3.99
Countdown Special Omac 4.99
Countdown To Final Crisis 11 2.99
Dead Of Night Featuring Man Thing #1 (of 4) 3.99
DMZ #28 2.99
Doctor Who Classics #3 3.99
Evil Dead #2 (of 4) 2.99
Fantastic Four #554 2.99
Fantastic Four #554 Bianchi Var TBD
Fantastic Four #554 Suydam Skrull Var TBD
Fantastic Four Lost Adventure 4.99
Foundation #2 (of 5) 3.99
Friday The 13th Bad Land #2 (of 2) 2.99
Furrlough #179 3.99
Gen 13 #17 2.99
Ghost Rider #20 2.99
GI Joe Americas Elite #32 3.50
Good Girl Art SC 29.99
Goon #21 2.99
Gotham Underground #5 (of 9) 2.99
Green Arrow Black Canary #5 2.99
Green Arrow Black Canary #5 Var Ed 10.00
Green Lantern Corps #21 2.99
Gutwrencher #1 (of 3) 3.50
Hero By Night Ongoing #2 3.99
Iron Man Enter Mandarin #5 (of 6) 2.99
Iron Man Power Pack #4 (of 4) 2.99
Jack Staff #14 3.50
JLA Classified #52 2.99
John Woos Seven Brothers Series 2 #5 2.99
Legion Of Super Heroes In The 31st Century #11 2.25
Marvel Adventures Hulk #8 2.99
Marvel Adventures Spider-man #36 2.99
Marvel Comics Presents #6 3.99
Negative Burn #17 5.99
New Avengers #38 Sii 2.99
New Exiles #2 2.99
Next Issue Project #1 (fantastic Comics #24) 5.99 – This is an anthology of contemporary creators creating new issues of whacked-out Golden Age comics characters. Includes Mike Allred tackling STARDUST, the character made infamous in Paul Karasik’s recent Fletcher Hanks biography I Shall Destroy All The Civilized Planets…
Nova Annual #1 3.99
Punisher Force Of Nature 4.99
Punisher War Journal #16 2.99
Ramayan 3392 Ad Reloaded #4 2.99
Reich #1 3.00
Salvation Run #4 (of 7) 2.99
Simon Dark #5 2.99
Snaked #3 (of 5) 3.99
Sonic The Hedgehog #185 2.25
Spider-man Family #7 4.99
Spooks #1 Archer Cvr B 5.50
Spooks #1 Staples Cvr A 3.50
St Tng Intelligence Gathering #2 (of 5) 3.99
Suicide Squad Raise The Flag #6 (of 8) 2.99
Superman #673 2.99
Sword #5 2.99
Tall Tales Of Vishnu Sharma Panchatantra #2 (of 5) 2.99
Tiny Titans #1 2.25
Ultimate Iron Man II #3 (of 4) 2.99
Uncle Scrooge #372 7.99
Walking Dead #46 2.99
Walt Disneys Comics & Stories #687 7.99
Warhammer 40k Blood & Thunder Cvr A #3 (of 5) 3.99
Warhammer 40k Blood & Thunder Cvr B #3 (of 5) 3.99
Wolverine #62 Dws 2.99
Wonder Woman #17 2.99
X-factor #28 Dws 2.99
X-force #1 Bloody Var Dws 2.99
X-force #1 Dws 2.99
X-force #1 Hitch Var Dws TBD

Anita Blake Vh HC First Death 19.99
Anita Blake Vh HC First Death Dm Ed 19.99
Awesome Indie Spinner Rack Anthology Vol 1 TP (aug073629) 14.95
Beowulf Color TP Vol 01 14.95
Bill Mauldin Life Up Front HC 27.95
City Of Others TP 14.95
Clandestine Classic Prem HC 29.99
Connor Hawke Dragons Blood TP 19.99
Crossing Midnight TP Vol 02 A Map Of Midnight 14.99
Dominion Conflict 1 No More Noise TP (new Ptg) 14.95
Doom Patrol Archives HC Vol 04 49.99
Exiles TP Vol 16 Starting Over 19.99
Fall Of Cthulhu TP Vol 01 Fugue 14.99
Hellboy Novel Emerald Hell 12.95
Imagine Prime Art Of Imaginary Friends SC 45.00
Indiana Jones Omnibus TP Vol 01 24.95
Jellaby GN Vol 01 9.99
Jellaby HC Vol 01 18.99
Juicy Mother Vol 2 How They Met 14.95
Justice League Of America HC Vol 02 Lightning Saga 24.99
Little Nothings GN Vol 01 Curse Of The Umbrella 14.95 – This is a full-colour collection of short autobio pieces by Lewis Trondheim! Essential reading.
Showcase Presents Enemy Ace TP Vol 01 16.99
Sparrow Rick Berry 11.99
Spider Man TP Back In Black 24.99
Sub-mariner TP Revolution 14.99
Terminator Omnibus Vol 01 24.95
The Arrival GN 19.99
Time Masters TP 19.99
Transformers Animated Vol 2 TP 7.99
Translucent Vol 3 TP 9.95
Ultimate Spider-man HC Vol 09 39.99
Whoops Sketches & Drawings Armando Huerta SC 19.99
Witchblade TP Vol 01 Witch Hunt (direct Market Ed) 4.99
Wolverine Origins Prem HC Vol 04 Our War 19.99
Wolverine TP Evolution 14.99

Air Gear GN Vol 07 10.95
Archlord GN Vol 04 (of 4) 9.99
Basara TP Vol 26 9.99
Battle Royale Ultimate Ed HC Vol 02 (of 5) 24.99
Blade Of The Immortal TP Vol 18 Sparrow Net 19.95
Boys Over Flowers TP Vol 28 9.99
Camera Camera Camera GN Vol 02 12.95
Chibi Vampire GN Vol 07 (of 10) 9.99
Clamp No Kiseki Magazine Collectable Vol 10 (of 12) 19.99
Dark Metro GN Vol 01 (of 3) 9.99
Dokkoida Vol 01 9.99
Doors Of Chaos GN Vol 01 (of 3) 9.99
Dot Hack Sign Gu GN Vol 01 (of 3) 9.99
Eiken Vol 8 GN (note Price) 10.99
Enchanter GN Vol 07 12.95
Family Complex GN 12.95
Flame Of Recca TP Vol 26 9.99
Fruits Basket Ultimate Edition Vol 02 (of 4) 14.99
Gothic And Lolita Bible Vol 01 19.99
Hayate Combat Butler TP Vol 06 9.99
In The End GN Vol 01 (of 3) 9.99
Inu Yasha Ani Manga GN Vol 25 11.99
Kami Kaze GN Vol 07 (of 7) 9.99
Law Of Ueki TP Vol 10 9.99
Love Training GN 12.95
Naruto Official Fanbook 14.99
No Need For Tenchi 2nd Ed TP Vol 12 9.99
O Parts Hunter TP Vol 08 9.99
Pet Shop Of Horrors Tokyo GN Vol 01 9.99
Prince Charming GN Vol 02 12.95
Rose Hip Zero GN Vol 05 (of 5) 9.99
Shin Megami Tensei Kahn GN Vol 01 (of 9) 10.99
Shinshoku Kiss GN Vol 02 (of 2) 9.99
Shugo Chara GN Vol 03 10.95
Trinity Blood GN Vol 05 (of 9) 9.99
Tsubasa GN Vol 16 10.95
Twelve Kingdoms TP Vol 01 (of 7) Sea Of Shadow 8.99
Vanilla GN Vol 02 12.95
Venus In Love Vol 02 9.99
Zatch Bell GN Vol 17 9.99

Lenore Vinyl Figure 24.99
Naruto Uncut DVD Box Set Vol 6 42.95
Naruto Uncut DVD Box Set Vol 6 Ltd Ed 59.95


Kazu Kibuishi & Kean Soo Signing

Wednesday, February 6th, 5pm-7pm

The Beguiling, 601 Markham Street


Just in case you can’t make it out to the wilds of North York and would like a chance to get your graphic novels signed by these fantastic creators, The Beguiling will be holding a signing with Kazu & Kean the day after the TPL event, from 5pm to 7pm at the store. Now, we sincerely suggest that if you want to see some great a/v presentationing and see the creators interviewed, then you really ought to go to the event at the North York Public Library. But we are happy to welcome both creators to the store as well, and hope it will be as warm (and well-attended) a welcome as our last in-store signing.

For more on the event at North York Library as part of Keep Toronto Reading, check out:

Our post on the event:

Join the Keep Toronto Reading group on Facebook!

RSVP to the event on the Kazu & Kean Facebook Page!

New At The Store: Stuff

We’ve got tons of interesting new stuff at the store that may or may not have shown up on shipping lists… and etc. Let’s go:


From left to right, we’ve got Alex Raymond: His Life & Art, $49.95, Jellaby Volume 1 SC, $9.99, and Tamara Drewe HC, $42.50.

Slave Labor Graphics Super-Selection!

A: NEW! SQUEE Poster by Jhonen Vasquez. $9.00. Not available in most stores!
B: NEW! Johnny The Homicidal Maniac: Many Faces of Johnny Poster. $8.00
C: It Ate Billy At Christmas, by Roman Dirge with art by Steven Daily. $12.95
D: Jellyfist, by Jhonen Vasquez and Jenny Goldberg. $8.95.
E: Peter The Pirate Squid, by Roman Dirge and Steven Daily. $5.95.
F: Haunted Mansion Deluxe HC, featuring Roman Dirge & Various. $49.95.

All of the above is available in store now! If you really want to mail-order something, drop us a line at mail@beguiling.com.

– Christopher

Shipping February 6th, 2008

Hey there! Sorry I’ve been slacking on the shipping lists, we’ve been crazy busy around here and it just slipped my mind. Enjoy!

(Holy crap! New issues of Scud!)

Abe Sapien The Drowning #1 (of 5) 2.99
All New Atom #20 2.99
Amazing Spider-man #549 Bnd 2.99
Amazing Spider-man #549 Finch Var Bnd ?
Anita Blake Vh Guilty Pleasures #8 (of 12) 2.99
Anita Blake Vh Guilty Pleasures #8 (of 12) Booth Var 10.00
Annihilation Conquest #4 (of 6) 2.99
Army Of Darkness #6 Long Road Home 3.50
Batman Confidential #12 2.99
Battlestar Galactica Origins #2 3.50
Boys #15 2.99
Buffy The Vampire Slayer #11 2.99
Circle #3 2.99
Clandestine #1 (of 5) 2.99
Countdown Special Omac 4.99
Countdown To Final Crisis 12 2.99
Crawl Space Xxxombies #3 2.99
Darkness #2 Keown Cvr A 2.99
Darkness #2 Sejic Cvr B 2.99
Darkness #2 Keown B&w Sketch Cvr Incv ?
Detective Comics #841 2.99
Doktor Sleepless #5 3.99
Doktor Sleepless Incv Cvr #5 15.00
Doktor Sleepless Wrap Cvr #5 3.99
Dragonlance Chronicles Vol 3 Gopez Cvr A #7 (of 12) 3.50
Dreadnought Invasion Six #1 3.95
Exterminators #26 2.99
Fables #69 2.99
Full Cirkle II #1 (of 3) 3.95
Halloween Nightdance #1 Seeley Cvr A 3.50
Halloween Nightdance #1 Sienkiewicz Cvr B 3.50
Infinity Inc #6 2.99
Jonah Hex #28 2.99
Jungle Girl Px Ed #4 2.99
Justice League Unlimited #42 2.25
Justice Society Of America #12 2.99
Justice Society Of America #12 Var Ed 10.00
Looney Tunes #159 2.25
Lords Of Avalon Sword Of Darkness #1 (of 6) 2.99
Lords Of Avalon Sword Of Darkness #1 (of 6) Grummett Sketch ?
Lords Of Avalon Sword Of Darkness #1 (of 6) Grummett Var ?
Maintenance #8 3.50
Marvel Illustrated Moby Dick #1 (of 6) 2.99
Mavis #5 3.50
Metal Men #6 (of 8) 2.99
Midknight #2 2.95
Midnighter #16 2.99
Moon Knight #15 2.99
Ms Marvel #24 2.99
New Avengers Poster Book 5.99
Nightwing #141 2.99
North Wind #2 (of 5) 3.99
Northlanders #3 2.99
Northlanders #3 Var Ed 10.00
Omega Unknown #5 (of 10) 2.99
Overman #3 (of 5) 3.50
Scalped #14 2.99
Scud The Disposable Assassin #21 3.50
Silver Surfer In Thy Name #4 (of 4) 2.99
Space Doubles #1 2.99
Spawn #175 2.95
Speed Racer Chronicles O/t Racer #1 3.99
Star Wars Legacy #19 2.99
Star Wars Rebellion #11 2.99
Supergirl #26 2.99
Teen Titans Year One #2 (of 6) 2.99
Transformers Devastation #5 3.99
True Story Swear To God Image Ed #10 3.50
Twelve #2 (of 12) 2.99
Ubu Bubu #1 3.50
Uncanny X-men #495 Dws 2.99
Vinyl Underground #5 2.99
Warhammer Forge Of War Cvr A #5 (of 6) 2.99
Warhammer Forge Of War Cvr B #5 (of 6) 2.99
Wasteland #14 3.50
Wildstorm Revelations #3 (of 6) 2.99
Witchblade #115 Dani Baptiste Cvr B 2.99
Witchblade #115 Sara Pezzini Cvr A 2.99

85 A Graphic Novel 14.95
Albion Origins Vol 1 HC 19.95
All Star Companion Vol 3 TP 26.95
Amulet HC Vol 01 Stonekeeper 21.99 Amulet SC Vol 01 Stonekeeper 9.99
Bakers Babies & Kittens HC 18.99
Batman False Faces HC 19.99
Biggles Recounts GN Battle Of Britain (note Price) 11.95
Blake & Mortimer GN The Mystery O/t Great Pyramid Pt 2 13.95
Boink College Sex By People Having It SC 17.99
Comics Comix & Graphic Novels TP 29.95
Contraband GN 12.95
Diana Prince Wonder Woman TP Vol 01 19.99
Diary Of A Wimpy Kid HC Vol 02 Rodrick Rules 12.95
Essential Avengers TP Vol 06 16.99
Fallen Angel TP Vol 04 19.99
Forgotten Realms HC Dark Elf Trilogy Omnibus 49.99
GI Joe Vs Transformers HC Omnibus 49.99
Graphic Library GN Bessie Coleman Daring Stunt Pilot 7.95
Graphic Library GN Booker T Washington 7.95
Graphic Library GN Harriet Tubman & Underground Railroad (c 7.95
Graphic Library GN Jackie Robinson 7.95
Graphic Library GN Martin Luther King Jr 7.95
Graphic Library GN Nat Turners Slave Rebellion 7.95
Graphic Library GN Rosa Parks Montgomery Bus Boycott (c: 0- 7.95
Graphic Library GN Wilma Rudolph 7.95
Hotwire Comics GN Vol 02 22.99
Incognegro HC 19.99
Invention Of Hugo Cabret GN 22.99
Jellaby SC & HC
Jeff Hawke HC Vol 01 Overlord 19.95
Jumper Jumpscars TP 14.95
Krazy & Ignatz 1941 1942 Ragout Of Raspberries TP 19.95
Little Lulu TP Vol 18 The Expert 10.95
Lloyd Kaufman Presents GN Incv 0.00
Magic Pickle & Planet Of The Grapes Yr Novel 5.99
Magic Pickle Vs Egg Poacher Yr Novel 5.99
Marvel Adventures Iron Man TP Vol 02 Digest 7.99
Neil Gaimans Smoke And Mirrors TP 14.95
Nicolas Cages Voodoo Child TP Vol 01 Shadowplay (c: 0-1-0) 14.99
One Small Voice TP 16.99
Paradigm Shift GN Vol 01 Equilibrium 9.95
Pinocchio HC 15.95
Scalped TP Vol 02 Casino Boogie 14.99
Second Wave TP Vol 01 14.99
Super Villain Teamup Modoks 11 TP 13.99
Superman Chronicles TP Vol 04 14.99
Templar Arizona GN Vol 01 Great Outdoors 15.00
Thor Visionaries Walt Simonson TP Vol 05 24.99
Ultimate Spider-man TP Vol 19 Death Of The Goblin 14.99
Yoko Tsuno TP Vol 02 Time Spiral (note Price) 11.95

After School Nightmare GN Vol 06 (of 10) 10.99
Aqua GN Vol 02 (of 2) 9.99
Black God TP Vol 02 10.99
Black Sun Silver Moon GN Vol 04 10.99
Blood Plus TP Vol 01 10.95
Blood Sucker Legend Of Zipangu GN Vol 06 (of 9) 10.99
Boys Be GN Vol 16 (of 20) 9.99
Brave Story GN Vol 03 (of 6) 9.99
Bride Of The Water God TP Vol 02 9.95
Chunchu Genocide Fiend TP Vol 03 10.95
Divalicious GN Vol 02 (of 2) 9.99
Dragon Voice GN Vol 10 (of 11) 9.99
Flock Of Angels GN Vol 02 (of 3) 10.95
Gto Early Years Shonan Junai Gumi GN Vol 06 (of 15) 12.99
Gunsmith Cats Burst TP Vol 03 10.95
Gyakushu GN Vol 02 (of 3) 9.99
Hanami International Love Story Vol 3 TP 9.95
I Wish GN Vol 01 (of 7) 9.99
Id Entity GN Vol 11 (of 13) 9.99
Initial D GN Vol 29 (of 32) 9.99
Kare Kano Ultimate Ed GN Vol 01 12.99
King Of Cards Vol 03 9.99
King Of Thorn GN Vol 03 (of 6) 9.99
Little Queen GN Vol 05 (of 8) 9.99
Missile Happy GN Vol 02 (of 5) 9.99
Naruto Poster-zine 6.99
Neotopia Pkt Manga 4 Pack 24.95
Night Of The Beasts GN Vol 06 10.99
Pantheon High GN Vol 02 (of 3) 9.99
Platinum Garden GN Vol 06 (of 10) 9.99
Puri Puri GN Vol 04 9.95
Recast GN Vol 05 (of 6) 9.99
Red String TP Vol 02 9.95
Rure GN Vol 02 (of 6) 9.99
Satisfaction Guaranteed GN Vol 06 (of 9) 9.99
Shonen Jump Mar 08 4.99
Snk Vs Capcom TP Vol 08 Svc Chaos 15.95
Swan Vol 12 9.99
Threads Of Time GN Vol 11 (of 11) 9.99
Train Plus Train GN Vol 05 10.99
Tramps Like Us GN Vol 14 (of 14) 9.99
Zombie Loan TP Vol 02 10.99

Gunbuster Vs Diebuster Gattai Movie 82.95

PRESS RELEASE: Cecil Castelucci & Scott Hepburn Signing


The Beguiling Presents

For the new graphic novels The Plain Janes and Star Wars: Vector

Wednesday, January 30th, 5PM-7PM
The Beguiling, 601 Markham Street
(Around the corner from Honest Ed’s, at Bathurst TTC)

TORONTO, Ontario—The Beguiling is proud to present CECIL CASTELLUCCI, author of celebrated novel Beige (named a 2008 Best Book for Young Adults by YALSA) and the new MINX graphic novel THE PLAIN JANES (named a Great Graphic Novel for Teens), alongside illustrator Scott Hepburn, artist of the brand new year-long comics event STAR WARS: VECTOR, in a special all ages in-store signing event. Both Castellucci and Hepburn will signing at The Beguiling in support of their new books. In addition, the first 20 attendees to the signing will receive a FREE Minx Poster featuring The Plain Janes, signed by Castellucci.

“We think this is going to be a really fun signing,” enthused Beguiling Manager Christopher Butcher. “While Cecil and Scott may seem like an odd pairing at first, they’ve both produced work aimed for a young adult audience that has resonated with readers of all ages, and we think that’s going to make for a diverse and interesting group of fans!”

Following the signing, both Cecil and Scott will be discussing the nuts-and-bolts creation of their work as part of The Beguiling’s “Industry Night @ The Vic” at The Victory Café, 581 Markham Street, at 8pm.

Cecil Castellucci is the author of the award-winning young adult novels Boy Proof, Queen of Cool, and Beige, all published by Candlewick Press. Her first foray into graphic novels is The Plain Janes, from DC Comics/MINX, illustrated by Jim Rugg. Cecil’s work has received numerous honours from The American Library Association (ALA) and the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA), with Beige and Plain Janes receiving numerous awards just this week! Cecil can be found on the internet at http://misscecil.com.

Scott Hepburn’s art career includes illustrating numerous RPG books from White Wolf Publishing, and providing lead artistic duties for the YALSA-nominated graphic novel series Sentinel from Marvel Comics. He provides the art for the new Star Wars comic series Vector, which begins in the title Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #25. A perfect introduction to the popular comics, this first issue features characters from across the Star Wars Universe including Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and many more. Scott is also currently creating the online graphic novel The Port for Canadian webcomics collective TRANSMISSION-X, at http://www.transmission-x.com/.

The Plain Janes is published by DC Comics/MINX, and distributed in Canada by H.B. Fenn. Boy Proof, The Queen of Cool, and Beige are published by Candlewick Press and distributed by Penguin Canada. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #25 and Star Wars: Vector are comic book serials published by Dark Horse Comics. Copies of all books will be available for sale at the event.

For queries regarding the event, contact Christopher Butcher, manager of The Beguiling, 416-533-9168 or via email at: chris@beguiling.com.

Art from The Plain Janes, by illustrator Jim Rugg. Copyright 2007 Cecil Castellucci and Jim Rugg.

Cover to Beige, by Cecil Castellucci. Picked as a ‘2008 Best Book for Young Adults’ by YALSA, the Young Adult Library Services Association.

Art by Scott Hepburn from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #25 (Vector Part 1). Copyright 2008 Lucasfilm Ltd.


(Please include in your listings!)

GRAPHICALLY SPEAKING 2008, with Kazu Kibuishi & Kean Soo
Tuesday February 5th @ 6:30pm
North York Central Library, Concourse Level
@ North York Subway Station

Presented in association with THE BEGUILING and Scholastic Canada

The two co-editors of the fantastic FLIGHT Anthologies, Kazu Kibuishi and Kean Soo will be in town to debut their brand new graphic novels AMULET and JELLABY. This event is part of the Toronto Public Library’s massive Keep Toronto Reading campaign! Both Kean and Kazu will be interviewed on stage by … me? “The Beguiling’s Christopher Butcher,” in the vein of last year’s event with Bryan Lee O’Malley. One assumes that signing and sketching will follow the event…

amulet-200.jpgAMULET VOLUME 1: In the tradition of action adventure series like BONE and The Chronicles of Narnia comes AMULET, by Kazu Kibuishi and published by Scholastic Books. I’ve read this one and really enjoyed it, I particularly think it’s target audience is going to love it. It feels like another application of “Video game storytelling” which is either a pejorative, compliment, or accurate descriptor depending on who’s using the term. At any rate, I’ve got a whole whack of questions for Kazu already…

jellaby-200.jpgJELLABY VOLUME 1: When Portia hears strange noises in the woods behind her house, the last thing she expects to find is a giant purple dragon named Jellaby! Published by Hyperion books, Jellaby is by my buddy Kean and Tuesday the 5th is the OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE FOR THE BOOK! You know what that means: Party! At any rate, I’ve read the advance of this first volume and enjoyed it, and it’s received some pretty outstanding reviews so far. I think the kids are really gonna dig it.

This is going to be a very fun event which will actually be of interest to all-ages, from younger readers captivated by these new graphic novels right through to adults who loved the FLIGHT anthologies. We’re also really proud to be teaming up with The Toronto Public Library again this year, bringing graphic novels to the masses and the masses into our public library system. If you’re in Toronto, we hope you won’t miss this event. We may even be able to secure punch and pie for you.

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NEW: Kazu Kibuishi and Kean Soo will be signing copies of their new books AMULET and JELLABY at The Beguiling from 5pm to 7pm on Wednesday, February 6th (the day after the Keep Toronto Reading event). We’d still like everyone to attend that one though, as it’s going to be the main event!

– Christopher