75 Years Of DC Comics Now In Stock!

75 Years of DC Comics in its
carrying case, as compared
to Absolute All-Star Superman.

Well folks, the day we’ve all waited for, and feared, has arrived. 75 Years of DC Comics: The Art of Modern Mythmaking by Paul Levitz and published by Taschen has arrived in-store. It is a massive, heavy tome. It has an outstandingly high quality production, gorgeous reproduction of comics covers, rare art, unseen materials, and much more.

We’ve actually got an open/sample copy up here on the second floor, and flipping through it it’s kind of amazing how much it covers and includes. Foldouts! Foil pages! Crazy paper stock! It’s also really, really heavy. I don’t envy the poor delivery guy that dropped them off this afternoon. Heh.

75 Years of DC Comics has a suggested retail of CDN$225. We’re selling it for CDN$200, and as a bonus every sale includes a huge poster reproducing the cover art, signed by author Paul Levitz! You can check out a photo of the poster below.

We did order a hefty number of these, but we are expecting to sell out by Christmas. Also, in the event that these are still left over after Christmas, we are not planning on offering any discounts on this item for any future sales, just a heads-up.

Feel free to come by the store and check it out yourself!

– Chris @ The Beguiling