X’ED IN: Charles Burns’ X’ED OUT now back in stock

Do we know how to order or do we know how to order? Charles Burns’ new graphic novel X’ED OUT was one of our sales leaders this fall, and as Christmas drew ever closer we worried that demand might just eclipse the supply we had on hand. But on Christmas Eve just a few hours before close, when we sold our final copy, we knew we’d ordered exactly right.

With Christmas behind us though, it’s time to get all of our favourite graphic novels of 2010 back in stock and on the shelves, and as such I’m happy to report that X’ED OUT is now back in stock, in quantity to boot. You can find it on the shelves under Burns, next to his other classic graphic novels including Skin Deep, Big Baby, and a big healthy stack of BLACK HOLE.

On that note, our Best of 2010 should be coming soon…

– Chris @ The Beguiling