Welcome to TCAF 2014!!!

michael_deforge_tcaf_2014_poster_1000pxMoyoco Anno! Isabelle Arsenault! Kate Beaton! Gabrielle Bell! Christophe Blain! Fanny Britt! Ed Brubaker! Darwyn Cooke! Michael DeForge! Renaud Dillies! est em! Pascal Girard! Réal Godbout! Akira Himekawa! Lynn Johnston! Kazu Kibuishi! Reinhard Kleist! Abel Lanzac! Luke Pearson! Sean Phillips! Mimi Pond! Trina Robbins! Jeff Smith! Jillian Tamaki! Mariko Tamaki! And these are just the featured guests!

For two full days the Toronto Reference Library opens it’s doors to the Toronto Comic Arts Festival! We’re bringing in over 300 cartoonists from more than 15 countries around the world. It’s a weekend packed with panels, signings, comics, parties, gallery shows, and fun!

Be sure to checkout torontocomics.com for more information everything we’ve got planned. Join us in celebrating everything comics!