WEDNESDAY COMICS for 03/18/2020

(Wanted to keep a record of this post, but its contents are long out of date and should only be read in an archival appreciation sort of way. go visit our webstore and buy books!

For those that have been asking, here’s how WEDNESDAY COMICS are going to work!

– Curb-side pick-up is available! We can take payment via paypal, process a credit card over the phone or meet you curb-side with a wireless card reader! Our paypal address is:

– So long as delivery companies or Canada Post are running, we’ll be offering mail-outs. Shipping is free in the GTA on all orders over $50. Contact us to set this up either via email or telephone!

– Our doors will be open in a controlled, limited capacity (probably 1-2 customers max in the store at any time) only on Wednesdays. That’s the plan for 11-6 tomorrow, but it could easily change by next week.

– We do not plan to be open at all Thursday through Tuesday, although mail-outs & curb-side will be available all week!

– If none of those methods work for you, let us know and I’m sure we can arrange something that works with your schedule and transportation options!