Webcomics In Print: New In The Store

Did you know that The Beguiling stocks a full array of print-editions of popular webcomics? It’s true! Why, just this week we received a number of new collections of webcomics material not usually available anywhere but online, and direct from the publishers. Check out our recent webcomics acquisitions… (Warning: Not Safe For All Ages…):

Octopus Pie: A Brooklyn Drama, by Meredith Gran. $10.95
Collecting the popular webcomic strip by one of our great TCAF guests. A group of goofy misfits find love and infamy in Brooklyn, with really lovely, clean animation-inspired art.

Templar, Arizona Book One, by Spike. $15.00
A serialised graphic novella about a near-future sci-fi vision of Arizona. Great world-building here, and FINDER fans will really enjoy it.

Club Stripes: The Best Of Club Stripes Volume 1, by Various. $24.95
Full colour, beautifully printed, hardcore furry porn. The last time we had this in we sold out in under a week. We’re trying to keep this in stock permanently from now on, but this _will_ sell out quickly.

Club Stripes Presents: Undcovered Volume 1, by Miu. $19.95
This one is already sold out from the publisher, so the five copies we’ve got of this gay furry porn collection are first-come, first-served. No pun intended.

Love Can Be Different #1, by Miles-DF. $4.95
I haven’t read this one, but the cover is pretty. Furry, smutty.

When browsing the store, check out our webcomics collections on the second floor near the new comics rack. We’ve got lots of collections in stock including Dinosaur Comics, Perry Bible Fellowship, Girl Genius, Order of the Stick, Diesel Sweeties, Wigu, Goats, and dozens more.

– Chris @ The Beguiling