Update to Subscription/Pullfile Discounts

Hi there! If you are a weekly comics subscription or ‘pullfile’ customer, this message is for you! If you’re not, well, you can find out why you might want to be here!

Hey there, pullfile customers. First up, thanks for your continued business. We appreciate it. 🙂

For those of you who have been customers with us for at least four or five years, you know that we have always based the prices at which we sell our comics on the U.S./Canadian exchange rate. For the past few years, because the exchange has been so close, we’ve more-or-less ‘held’ that exchange rate at 1:1, or equal, or “we sell comics for U.S. Cover Price. ” Being lazy makes math easy!

However, and unfortunately, the U.S./Canadian exchange rate has been consistently favouring the U.S. by 10 cents or more for the past few weeks (booo Oil sands!!!)… and we’ve been holding the exchange at par. We’re still selling comics at U.S. cover price, even though we’ve been paying 10% more for them when we buy from the U.S., and then we’ve been giving our pullfile customers their standard 20% discount. The problem we’re encountering is that 20% discount we’re giving to our pullfile customers is actually costing us 30%, thanks to the poor exchange rate. The exchange rate is usually in flux so much that we just eat the difference, but since it looks like the Canadian dollar is going to sit at 90 cents American for at least a little while longer, we’ve gotta take a few steps here.

This week we’re returning to our original method of discounting books, and that will be based on the current U.S./Canadian exchange rate. For the week of February 3rd, the exchange rate is CDN $1.10 to US $1.00. What this means for you as a pullfile customer is that your discount will now reflect this exchange rate, and for this week, your bill will only show a 10% discount taken at the register.  This is because the comics are already pre-discounted by 10%, thanks to the crappy exchange.

Comics on the racks will still be held at U.S. Cover Price for the time being. This means if you’re buying off the rack, you’re getting an effective 10% discount. If you’re pre-ordering and have a pullfile, you’re getting another 10% off on top of that!

This will fluctuate every week, and we’ll post it in our shipping-list posted every afternoon, and that information will be available at the cash register.

We heartily encourage pullfile customers not to look at this as a loss of discount, but instead, enjoy the extra 10% discount that you’ve gotten for the past few months. 🙂 If you have any questions or comments, e-mail us at mail@beguiling.com and we’ll be happy to answer them for you.

Again, we do appreciate your pre-orders, and it’s our goal to continuing rewarding you for pre-ordering your comics for years to come.


Peter, Chris, and the staff of The Beguiling.