UPDATE: Comics DEFINITELY Coming Wednesday This Week

UPDATE: We’re currently unpacking and sorting the order, and it’s Tuesday evening, which means business as usual this week. Thanks to Diamond for getting us our books on time, so they could get them to you on time! 

We’ve been informed that Wednesday is still new comics day this week, despite the Canada Day/Independence Day long weekend.

However, due to delivery issues comics may not arrive until 1pm or later on Wednesday. We are fully expecting to have comics out and available for sale at 11am, as per usual, but given the vagaries of shipping and holidays, it’ll be impossible to tell until Tuesday evening exactly what the deal is for Wednesday.

We’ll be updating the website and our Twitter (http://twitter.com/#!/thebeguiling) with information as we receive it.

But until you hear otherwise, assume it’s business as usual this Wednesday.


– Chris @ The Beguiling