Right now, in our gallery, we have a very special show leading up to Valentine’s Day: TONY MEERS— RETROMANCER: PAINTED LESSONS IN HETERONORMATIVITY. During his forty-year career Toronto artist TONY MEERS was a prolific commercial illustrator, with this selection of paintings from the 1980s and 1990s representing only a fraction of the hundreds of romance novel covers he produced.

All of the displayed pieces and more are ON SALE in-store for only $120, with $20 from every sale donated to Supporting Our Youth Toronto.

Plus, we’re holding a contest where you can WIN AN ORIGINAL PAINTING BY TONY MEERS! How, you ask? Well here’s how!

– Simply share an image from our Retroromancer art show on Twitter or Instagram! To win, you must follow and tag @TheBeguiling and use the hashtag #Retromancer. Winner will be chosen at random February 13th!

– Come up with an alternate title or a plot description based on one of the pieces! Share it and tag us on Instagram or Twitter and the staff will choose a winner February 14th! Just as before, you must be following and tag us (@TheBeguiling) and use the hashtag #Retromancer!

Thanks so much to Tony for allowing us to display his work, and swing on by and check it out! Seeing it all in display in the gallery is truly a sight to behold.