TONIGHT! Choose Your Own Book Launch, with Ryan North & David Malki !

To Be Or Not To Be VS. This Is How You Die!

The most-funded publishing Kickstarter of all time VS. The sequel to the #1 Amazon bestseller!

TONIGHT: Monday, July 29th, 7pm-10pm
@ The Beguiling, 601 Markham Street, Toronto

Featuring authors Ryan North and David Malki !, and artists Gillian Georz, Dara Gold, Chris Jones, John Martz, Kean Soo, Jim Zubkavich, Matt Yantha, and more!

TORONTO—Which book launch will you choose? The release date of two very highly-anticipated new novels has arrived, and authors Ryan North, David Malki !, and The Beguiling are going to celebrate!

On Monday, July 29th, readers, fans, and media alike are invited to attend the launches of these two books, to be held simultaneously next door to one another, in the CHOOSE YOUR OWN BOOK LAUNCH event!

To Be Or Not To Be became the most-funded Kickstarter publishing project of all time! An interactive choose-your-own-path retelling of Shakespeare’s Hamlet by New York Times bestselling author Ryan North, it raised more than half a million dollars on Kickstarter and is extensively illustrated by more than 50 top comics artists!

This Is How You Die is the second installment in the bestselling Machine Of Death series! Based on a concept by Ryan North about an incredible machine that tells the user how they will die but which will still leave you surprised when it happens, This Is How You Die is the second short-story collection featuring work by more than two-dozen contributors. Machine of Death became the #1 bestselling book on on the day it launched, proving that indie publishing can beat the big publishing houses.  It’s edited by Ryan North, Matthew Bennardo, and David Malki !

In honour of the spirit of these fine books, we are holding simultaneous book launches where attendees will pit the books against each other to choose their favourite! Both launches will take place at restaurant/bars next to The Beguiling, the event’s host.


At the TO BE OR NOT TO BE launch:

  • Meet author Ryan North and illustrators featured in the book!
  • Epic Shakespeare Rap Battle!
  • Hilarious condensed performance of Hamlet by actors from The Classical Theatre Project!
  • Live choose-your-own-path reading of the book!
  • Original art exhibition!
  • Get your copy of To Be or Not To Be! Get it signed!
At the THIS IS HOW YOU DIE launch:
  • Meet author and editor David Malki ! and creators involved in the book!
  • Get your fate foretold by the ACTUAL Machine of Death!  No refunds.  Also, it’s free.
  • Machine Of Death Pictionary-Esque Game! Two teams of artists compete to draw a randomly-drawn death prediction while some else guesses what they’re drawing.  Hilarious!  Fun!  Not nearly as morbid as it sounds!
  • Get your copy of This Is How You Die! Get it signed!
Copies of both books sold at the event! Fabulous prizes to be won by purchasing the books at the event!
So come out on Monday July 29th to The Beguiling and Mirvish Village for one of the biggest and best book launches of the year!
Full title: To Be Or Not To Be: That Is The Adventure. Received positive coverage from The Guardian UK, CBC, Book Machine, and more. Featuring thousands of possible story paths, and illustrations by more than three dozen artists from Toronto and around the world. Published by Breadpig, distributed by PGW, 764 pages, 100+ illustrations, available for sale at this event.
Full title: This Is How You Die: Stories of the inscrutable, infallible, inescapable Machine of Death. Sequel to the best-selling Machine of Death, it displaced Glenn Beck’s then-new book from the top spot, causing him to go on a tirade about it. 512 pages, published by Grand Central Publishing, distributed in Canada by Hachette, available for sale at this event.
ABOUT: David Malki !
David Malki! is the author of the comic strip Wondermark, co-editor of the Machine of Death fiction anthology series, and creator of Machine of Death: The Game of Creative Assassination. His work appears regularly in The Onion AV Club and other periodicals nationwide. He lives with his wife in Los Angeles and he likes to fly airplanes.
ABOUT: Ryan North
Ryan North is a New York Times bestselling writer living in Toronto, Canada. He is also the creator of the hit webcomic Dinosaur Comics and the Eisner-winning Adventure Time comic book series.