The Threat to Toronto Public Library: Please sign a petition.

We like the Toronto Public Library. They partner with us on events like Keep Toronto Reading and TCAF. They have a great collection of comics and graphic novels–one of the best in the world. They’re lovely people. It turns out they’re in danger from the current mayoral administration, and they’d like all of our support, and soon.

The short version is that Toronto Public Library is the target of a “Core Services Review,” a process with the goal of privatizing or shutting down municipal services. I don’t know about you, but I can’t see the benefit in a for-profit corporation running any aspect of a public library–it just means fewer services and higher fees for the user–you. Libraries, and particularly Toronto Public Library, are an amazing taxpayer-funded service that provides education and numerous services to all walks of life in Toronto. We’re not in favour of damaging or destroying that, and as book lovers, we assume that you aren’t either.

Please consider signing their petition at

This information will be presented to the mayor and city council, in the hopes of maintaining a strong, healthy, public library system in Toronto.

Thanks for your time,

– The Beguiling Staff