The Beguiling Artstore Welcomes: Matt Kindt!

The Beguiling is very pleased to announce that we are now representing the original art sales of Matt Kindt, an extremely talented and prolific comics creator.

Matt Kindt:

Matt Kindt’s resume is surprisingly vast given his relatively little time working in the industry. Kindt’s most recent works are the new ongoing series Mind Mgmt and the graphic novel 3 Story: The Secret Files of the Giant Man, both published by Dark Horse, and Revolver, published by Vertigo. Kindt wrote and drew these series, and has received critical acclaim for all 3 (with a quick sell-outs here at The Beguiling).

Kindt’s backlist includes the graphic novel The Tooth from Oni Press, the graphic novels 2 Sisters, Super Spy, and Pistolwhip from Top Shelf Publishing, and stints on Michael Chabon’s The Escapist and issues of Jeff Lemire’s Sweet Tooth among others. Kindt can also be found writing Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. every month for DC Comics.

Regardless of where you first encountered his work, we have gorgeous original pieces from a wide range of his projects available in the artstore now.