The Beguiling and the U.S. / Canadian Exchange Rate

While things have much improved since the printed Canadian price on many books became a hot issue in 2007, it is still a problem we deal with every day. Many publishers and distributors have tried to get more up to date with their pricing, but much old stock remains.

At The Beguiling, we’ve taken this disparity very seriously for over 8 years now, instituting our policy of manually adjusting the exchange rate at the checkout to reflect an accurate exchange, on the vast majority of books we sell. This means that back when one dollar U.S. was worth about $1.20 Canadian, and the books from Marvel or DC were treating the exchange more like a U.S. buck was worth $1.60 Canadian, our customers were paying the lower price.

We’ve always tried to find a fair and equitable solution to the problem of outrageous price disparities, and our customers have told us time and time-again how much they appreciate it.

Now, as the Canadian dollar has reached par with the U.S. dollar, The Beguiling has decided to sell most of the major comics publishers at the US cover price, in Canadian dollars. This includes Marvel, DC, Image and Darkhorse, as well as many of the larger Manga publishers. For all other product with a Canadian price printed on the book, we are using a current exchange rate at the register to determine the Canadian prince. Of course, exceptions include anything that is stickered at a higher price due to rarity (back-issues, out-of-print books), books from outside of the U.S. and Canada, and in issues where the price of an object is in dispute The Beguiling reserves the right to set the final price. We have done this to make our policy as clear and concise as possible for our customers, and because we feel it’s the fair thing to do.

As the value of our dollar continues to bounce, we will continue to address this issue in an expedient manner, aiming to give Canadian and international shoppers the best value for their money on the vast array of comics, graphic novels, original art, and other products that we carry. As always, if you have any questions please contact us at

Thanks for shopping at The Beguiling!

Peter Birkemoe, Owner, The Beguiling Books & Art
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