The Beguiling 25th Anniversary: 1987 – 2012

Happy Birthday to us! June 2012 marked the start of our 25th Anniversary, the founding of the alt-culture comix shop on Harbord Street that has blossomed into the overstuffed comics shoppe on Markham Street, beloved and/or grudgingly respected the world over.

To celebrate we wanted to do something a little special, and so we asked Dustin Harbin, talented up-and-comer and Canada-aficionado, to create a logo celebrating 25 great years. The results are up top there, and we think he did a stupendous job.

We’ll be using this logo on the rest of our fall/winter events, and right through the spring. Because what’s the point of being around for 25 years if you can’t enjoy every single day of that 25th, right?

Thanks to everyone who’s made the store a success over the ears, especially our customers: you have excellent taste.


– Chris @ The Beguiling