BOXING DAY IS HERE! Our one big sale of the year has returned, and it’s going to last for more than 2 weeks, with all kinds of special deals! Each phase of our sale will have a different focus, with lots of new items put on sale to emphasize all of our stock. Here’s a quick outline, with the full list of Phase 01 sales below:

PHASE 01: December 26th to December 29th, 2010
(Comic/Graphic Novel Sale, Back issue bins/wall books completely unavailable during this time.)

New Comic Day: Thursday December 30th, 2010
(No blanket sales, but some phase 01 sales may continue, see in-store for details.)

PHASE 02: Friday December 31st 2010 – January 4th 2011
(Back Issues! Wall Books!)

PHASE 03: Friday January 7th 2011 – Tuesday January 11th 2011
(Single issue overstock! Massive overstock blowout, adult comics sale, plus special sales!)


PHASE 01: December 26th to December 29th, 2010
(Back issue bins completely unavailable during this time.)


1. We reserve the right to refuse sale of any item to any customer for any reason.

2. We will probably not do this, but you’d be amazed at the number of people who insist that certain things are on sale when they’re clearly not, so yeah, rule #1 (“no, the original art is not 50% off”.). Honestly, none of us can remember having to do this. We’re good people, deep, deep down. Deep.

3. Out-of-print items (books/comics/etc.) are exempt to sale pricing.

4. Anything put on hold prior to Boxing Day is entirely exempt to sale pricing.

5. Sales cannot be combined with other specials or sales.

6. “Regular Price” is determined as ‘Whatever the book would sell for not on Boxing Day,’ whether that’s U.S. Cover Price, Converted Canadian Cover price, Canadian Cover Price, or Sticker Price.

7. Items released in December 2010 or later are not eligible for sale. Determination for eligibility will be made at the cash register, at our sole discretion.

8. You know what’s not discounted? 5c plastic bags. Please remember to bring your own reusable shopping bags.

ALSO: BACK ISSUE BINS and WALL BOOKS will not be accessible until December 31st. They are not on sale, they aren’t even really FOR sale. We are sorry, but we’re focusing on other product during this sale and we need the space and attention for other things.

First Floor:

– 20% off “Regular Price” on All First Floor books and comics, including Graphic Novels, European Albums, Books, Erotica, Prose, Strip Reprints, Etc.

– All Japanese-language product in the store is 10% off the sticker price. This includes manga, art books, doujinshi, etc.

We love Drawn + Quarterly and they released more amazing books this year than ever before—it can be tough to keep up! So check out this sale:
Buy 3 D+Q Books and get 30% off all three!
Buy 4 or more D+Q Books and get 40% of all of them!

Buy James Jean’s awesome ART OF FABLES HC for the regular price of $49.99, and get a copy of his PROCESS RECESS 3 HC for Free! (Note: This special was originally on the “Kindling” collection, but was changed when we realized we don’t really have very many copies of Kindling left…)

ESSEX COUNTY HC: $30 (Regularly $50): The “Canada Reads” pick! We’re offering the hardcover for the softcover price.

Ho Che Anderson Special!
Buy KING HC, get SCREAM QUEEN: SAND & FURY for Free! $35 Total!

Fantagraphics Trio Special
Get a great trio of Fantagraphics titles for low individual prices or a great package deal!
Scrublands, by Joe Daly – Reg $17 now $10
Where Demented Wented, by Rory Hayes – Reg $23 now $10
Rebel Visions – Reg $35 now $10
Or get all 3 for $25!

AX Alternative Manga Anthology: $20 (Regularly $30): This massive collection of alternative and avant garde manga is a great entry-point into the medium for the alt- and art-comix faithful. At 400 pages of comics for just $20, it’s an amazing deal.

A Drunken Dream and Other Stories: $15 (Regularly $25): The first career-retrospective of classic manga by a female cartoonist, the wonderful Moto Hagio. Traveling the length of her career, from a unique mangaka to one of the innovators of shoujo manga, this is a surprising and underrated collection of fantastic manga. If you’ve been on the fence, now’s your time to buy!

There will be more single-book, door-crasher specials revealed in-store.

Second Floor:


– 50% off regular price on rack comics from Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image, Vertigo, Indies, etc. (Excludes December 2010 releases, back-issues, and wall-books.)

– 20% off “Regular Price” on all in-print second floor trade paperbacks. This includes Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image, Indies, Etc. (Does not include out of print or “used/vintage” products. Sale items will be clearly marked in store.)

– Up to 85% off: Trade Paperback Blow-out Bins. We are clearing out old tpb stock. You will save buckets!

– All SHOWCASE and ESSENTIAL volumes are BUY 1, GET 1 FREE! Free book must be of equal or lesser value.

– All DC ARCHIVES and MARVEL MASTERWORKS are BUY 1, GET 1 FREE! Free book must be of equal of lesser value.

– All Manga, Buy 4, Get 1 Free. (Most inexpensive book is free).

– All Japanese-language book product in the store is 10% off the sticker price. This includes manga, art books, doujinshi, etc. This supersedes any other sale listing.

– Lots of door-crasher specials on individual books! (See list below)


– Best Anime/DVD Sale Ever! Buy One DVD, get 10% off. Buy 2 DVDs get 20% off. Buy 3 or more DVDs, get 30% off all of them! (Single discs and Box-Sets including Adult material! Doesn’t include Bundles).

– DVD ‘Bundles’ 50% off: All of the store-made ‘Bundles’ of DVDs will be 50% off their sticker price. Best. Sale. Ever.

– NARUTO: First Series Box Sets: $15.00 Each (reg $40.95 or more)

– Justice League: The New Frontier DVD (2 disc edition) – Was $24.95, NOW $10: The animated film inspired by Darwyn Cooke’s DC: The New Frontier!


– T-Shirts: $15 each, all in stock t-shirts.

– MILK & CHEESE Vinyl Toy Set! Regular Price $74.95, Now $25!


We’ve got some amazing deals on some really great books that we happen to have a little too much inventory on, so we’re hoping you can help us out with that. Some of these are brand new, some are warehouse finds, but they’re all good deals! NOTE: Quantities may be limited on some items, but we have tried to ensure at least 10 of each listed special will be available.

THE AMAZING SCREW-ON HEAD HC, $10! (Regularly $17.99): An off-the-wall new story from “Hellboy” creator Mike Mignola, alongside all sorts of extra work!

SUPERMAN VS. MUHAMMAD ALI Oversized “Facsimile” HC. $20! (Regularly $39.99): The most titanic tussle of all-time! A massive hardcover sure to appeal to the 70s nostalgist in all of us.


VENT SC, $20 (Regularly $40): The manga-styled how-to-draw book by Canadian creative studio UDON. An amazing book, now at a great deal!

NANA Volume 1, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 19 – $5 each (Regularly $9-$10):
Nana is an amazing shoujo/josei series, and we want people to check it out! It’s about two very different women named Nana that live in Tokyo, and what happens when their lives intersect. It’s one of the best manga series in English, as far as we’re concerned. We’ve got selected volumes of this series on sale for just $5 a pop! By Ai Yazawa.

PARADISE KISS Volume 1 – $5 (Regularly $9.99): The first series by Ai Yazawa translated into English, and one of Chris’ favourites of all time. Although the series is out of print, we have a good quantity of volume 1 available.

OTHELLO Volume 1 – $5 (Regularly $10.99): This classic Del Rey series features a bullied teenage girl getting revenge on her tormentors by developing an aggressive new personality! Crazy, and a lot of fun.

TOTO Volume 1 – $5 (Regularly $10.99): A Fantastic Shonen Adventure series with some surprisingly great art. Looooooosely inspired the the Wizard of Oz, but really just a very cool looking book.

Tim Burton’s NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS MANGA – $5 (Regularly $8.99): This surprisingly well-drawn adaptation of the cult-fav movie will be enjoyed by die-hard fans and those with casual interest alike…!

PHANTOM DREAM Volume 1 – $5 (Regularly $10.99): From Natsuki Takaya, creator of Fruits Basket, comes this stand-alone (?) tale of a “summoner” and defender of good whose best friend becomes possessed by a demon.

GANKUTSUOU: The Count of Monte Cristo Volume 1 – $5 (Regularly $10.99): Based on the very popular anime series, this manga adaptation has everything that the anime fans will love and more.

HYDE + CLOSER Volume 1 – $5 (Regularly $9.99): “With his teddy bear Hyde as his main protector and teacher, Shunpei must learn how to gain confidence in himself and use the magic that he has inherited to battle the dark forces that now threaten him!”

OH, MY GODDESS! Volume 1 (New Edition) – $5 (Regularly $10.95): The beloved manga series that more-or-less started the harem comedy genre was released a few years back in a handsome new right-to-left edition, and now it can be yours for 5 bucks!

KEDAMONO DAMONO Volume 1 – $5 (Regularly $9.99): This one is so manga it hurts. Basically it’s a love triangle between an immature girl, a total jerk boy, and hardcore pervert that’s a boy by day and a girl by night. It’s fabulous.

There will be more single-book, door-crasher specials revealed in-store.

Remember to keep watching future mailings for details on the next two phases of the sale!

– Chris @ The Beguiling