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#ZDARSCON is coming September 3rd! GET READY FOR IT!


Featuring Bryan Lee O’Malley, Ryan North, and Surprise Guests!
and also Chip Zdarsky
Saturday, September 3rd, 11am-6pm

@ Secret Location To Be Revealed
Follow @zdarsky @thebeguiling & #zdarscon on Twitter for deets
Free to attend

It’s happening again! #ZDARSCON is the official comic book event of Chip Zdarsky, but this time he’s bringing some special pals to the event! You have no idea what to expect, even if you went last time, because this is nothing like last time or any time for that matter.

Saturday morning, September 3rd, be ready.

  • Chris @ The Beguiling



Civil War II: Choosing Sides #5 Regular and Variant Cover Signing
Featuring artist Ramon Perez and Writer Chip Zdarsky
@ The Beguiling, 601 Markham Street, Toronto
Wednesday, August 31st (Release Day) from 5pm to 7pm
Free to attend

We’re very happy to announce that two titanic Toronto creators will be on hand at the shop to sign copies of the most Canadian Marvel comic book of at least the last decade, on the very day of its release!

Come meet Ramón Pérez (Hawkeye, A Tale of Sand, Civil War II: Choosing Sides) and Chip Zdarsky (Prison Funnies) as they sign copies of the comic that got them in the news! And they’ll probably be on the news again soon about it! Ramón and Chip should be on hand from 5pm to 7pm on Wednesday, August 31st, and will sign whatever you bring them (or buy at The Beguiling, wink-nudge). The Beguiling, for its part, will have lots of copies of both the regular cover and the Justin Trudeau fronted variant cover of Civil War II: Choosing Sides, though we’ll probably be limiting the number of copies you’re allowed to buy on that one (TBD).

Alright, see you on August 31st!

  • Chris @ The Beguiling