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New IN-STOCK: SOLO Book One and Recidivist IV

solobookone-w640h640Hot, new, self-published books, *just* in time for the holiday shopping season!
First up is Hope Larson’s brand-new project SOLO: Book One. Telling the tale of a musician figuring out her life after her divorce, this is Larson’s first long-form comic that she has written and drawn herself since 2010’s MercurySOLO: Book One is a perfect-bound book containing the first 94 pages of the story. Check it out!
SallyCoverNext is the latest from Zak Sally, Recidivist IV. This 56 page book is the total package, as it also comes with a CD with 21 minutes of drone music composed by Sally!
Recidivist IV is described as a difficult and involved work, so if you like your comics to be a bit of a challenge, then this is definitely for you. In Sally’s own words, “This book is NOT for everyone. If you are looking for a passive, easy reading experience, this is not it!” Sounds fun!
Both of these books can be found upstairs and downstairs at the The Beguiling, or one of our helpful staff can help you find it. Come in and grip ’em!