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with Marcus To, Irma Kniivila, and Nimit Malavia
Thursday, April 21st, 2016, 5pm-7pm
@ Page & Panel, 789 Yonge Street
Free to attend

Come one, come all, to the launch of the new mini-series JOYRIDE, illustrated by Toronto’s own Marcus To! Previous of the hacktivist minis, and soon to be regular pencil artist on Nightwing for DC Rebirth, JOYRIDE is a far-future sci-fi series about a group of rebellious young people that bring try to bring down an oppressive government, and all involved getting more than they bargained for!

Marcus To will be signing at Page & Panel on April 21st, the day after the book’s release, and he’ll be joined by Toronto artist and Joyride series colourist Irma Kniivila, AND the first issue’s variant cover artist Nimit Malavia (that’s their cover up-top). It’s gonna be a great signing and a lot of fun, and we hope you’ll come by and check it out!



In the future, Earth sucks. The stars have been blocked out for so long that people have forgotten there was anything else besides the dumb World Government Alliance watching over them, training children to join the militarized Allied Youth and eliminating all resistance with a giant ray gun. Uma Akkolyte is a girl who shoots first and leaps before she looks, and when she gets a strange message from outside the barricades of SafeSky, she jacks a spaceship and punches through the stratosphere with an unlikely crew of teens who are totally not ready for what they’re about to find.

MAR 18: Monstrosity II Book Launch & Signing


MONSTROSITY II: Launch Event & Signing
Featuring J. Bone, Matt Daley, Brian Enivou, Adam Gorham, Eric Kim, Jason Loo, Nimit Malavia, Phil McClorey, and Katie Shannahan!
Wednesday, March 18th, 5pm-7pm
@ Page & Panel: The TCAF Shop, 789 Yonge St.


Page & Panel: The TCAF Shop is proud to present a the launch and book signing event for MONSTROSITY II! Featuring nearly a dozen creators of this Toronto-centric anthology in attendance, this is going to be a spectacular book signing event!

Featuring Monstrosity II Creators In Attendance: J. Bone! Matt Daley! Brian Enivou! Adam Gorham! Eric Kim! Jason Loo! Nimit Malavia! Phil McClorey! and Katie Shannahan!

MONSTROSITY II is the follow up to last years indie anthology sensation. This volume continues the monster/horror theme of the original but this time adds a distinct sci-fi twist while holding onto all the things fans loved about the first book. Genetic abominations, robot gladiators, alien experimentation, intergalactic STD’s and a whole lot more!

Monstrosity II has over 20 heart stopping tales created by more then 40 of indie comic’s greatest young talents. Action, adventure, alien worlds, demons and devils, science fiction and fantasy all grace the pages of Monstrosity II!

So come by the all-new TCAF Shop on Wednesday March 18th, and check out this great new graphic anthology!

– Chris @ The Beguiling

Cover image by James Stokoe